How has the community had input into the development of the draft design concept?

    In 2017, the community were asked how they would like to eat, meet, work and play in the mall to assist in the development of the draft concept design. This feedback has been taken into consideration in the preparation of the draft concept design.

    How has the eat, meet, work and play elements been included in the draft design concept?

    Key outcomes from the consultation identified that the community would like to see:

    • markets
    • food vans
    • WI-FI and other technology
    • shade / greenery
    • seating

    The draft design concept has incorporated these elements and allowed the space to be flexible to accommodate events and bring in a screen for special events.

    How can I provide feedback on the draft concept design?

    Council staff will be on-site to discuss the draft concept design and take feedback on:

    • Thursday 15 August
    • 11am - 1pm

    You can also provide your feedback by completing the short survey on this project page.

    When is construction expected to commence and be completed by?

    Construction is expected to commence in the first half of 2020 and be completed early 2021.

    Will my business be affected during the construction period?

    All endeavours will be made to reduce the impact on businesses. Construction methodology will factor in maintaining access to businesses and discussions will be had with businesses prior to and during construction.

    Will there be parking or loading zones in the new design?

    There will be no parking in the new mall except for Australia Post mail zone and emergency vehicles. There will however be access for businesses out of hours (6pm-8am).

    What is the budget for this project?

    Council has a total of $3 million budgeted for this project.

    Will there be public art in the completed project?

    Yes, but not commissioned at this stage.

    What will be smart about the mall?

    There will be public WI-FI, environmental sensors and the utilisation of the  LoRaWAN  with information from this network being made available publicly.

    Why have the existing trees been replaced in the draft concept design?

    Community consultation identified this as an issue and the current trees are an inappropriate species for a mall. More suitable species will be planted.

    Will there be shade?

    Yes, Council will be installing shade and investigating flexible shade umbrellas and planting appropriate tree species.

    Will there be changes to the intersection with Ridley Street?

    The intersection will be raised to prioritise pedestrians and make access along Pearson Street easier.