Great turnout to onsite community meeting - Emily Street Foreshore Protection pilot

Thank you to the community members who were able to attend the onsite meeting on Thursday 27 July 2018 to discuss the draft designs for the Emily Street foreshore protection works. The following information is a summary of the meeting discussion and information:

Council constructed demonstration foreshore protection works at the end of Emily Street in October 2015. Council has secured grant funding to undertake another demonstration project extending east of the existing works. The works will address current erosion and protect the foreshore in accordance with the Marks Point and Belmont South Local Adaptation Plan, while supporting ecological values.

The draft designs take into account community comments and concerns as follows:

  • We heard your concerns about the height of the existing Emily Street demonstration project. For this project, it is proposed to construct the next stage of the demonstration works at the reduced height of 0.75m AHD compared to 1.25m AHD for the existing works.

  • We heard that the community want access to the Lake for recreation. The draft designs show staggered sandstone rocks along the foreshore with sandy, ramped access points in between. These will be wide enough to move small watercraft in and out of the Lake, while also allowing stormwater to drain to the Lake. The design should also assist seaweed wrack to breakdown.

  • We heard that the existing Emily Street foreshore works are too big and the garden beds are untidy. It is proposed to remove some of the garden beds from the existing Emily Street foreshore protection works. Rocks will be reused in the new works. However, the flat rocks around the street sign at the end of Village Bay Close will be retained as vehicle barriers. You told us that the rocks are preferable to bollards and that, because they are flat, they make great seats.

  • We heard that you do not want cobblestone. We will not use cobblestone on the foreshore for this project and some of the existing cobblestone will be reused on site as drainage behind the sandstone.

  • We heard that you prefer flat rocks because they reduce trip hazards, provide places to sit, and are more attractive. The proposed works will avoid rocks that protrude above the new 0.75m ground level of the foreshore. Preference will be given to the use of flat rocks.

  • We heard that you prefer lower plant species. It is proposed to trial the use of native saltmarsh species for landscaping. These species are low lying, so they will not block lake views, but will help to stabilise the banks and provide intertidal habitat. This includes replanting the existing works with saltmarsh species.

Council staff appreciate the community input received for the designs. The designs will now be finalised and construction of the works is scheduled for the 2018-2019 financial year, subject to necessary approvals and permits.

As mentioned during the onsite meeting, we welcome your cooperation in monitoring the performance of the works when constructed. Please provide any photos and / or feedback to

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