What works have been undertaken at Alkrington Avenue?

    Road rehabilitation including drainage, footpath and kerb and channel between Bourneville Road and Hereford Rise have been undertaken.

    Alkrington Avenue Park has been used during this time to facilitate these works.

    When will these works be completed?

    The road rehabilitation works at Alkrington Avenue are scheduled for completion by July 2021.

    When will remediation of the Alkrington Avenue Park site be undertaken?

    Remediation will be undertaken on completion of the road rehabilitation works. This will provide the basis for delivery of a local park including a new playground.

    What are the plans for upgrade of Alkrington Avenue Park?

    Council has funding to upgrade Alkrington Avenue Park to provide local recreation and play opportunities. 

    This will include a new local playground, pathways, landscaping and seating. The existing public amenities will be retained.

    What input can the community have in the upgrade of Alkrington Avenue Park?

    Council has funding to provide a local park complete with a new playground aimed at children aged 2 to 10 years, seating, landscaping and connecting pathways.

    Initial concept plans have been developed as the basis for discussion with the community. Input received during consultation will be used to refine the final concept plan and inform detailed design.

    Whilst not within the current budget, Council would also like feedback on the proposal for overflow trailer parking within the reserve footprint, should future funding be made available.

    When will the detailed design be available?

    Following consultation, a detailed design will be developed for the park using your ideas and feedback.

    When is construction expected to start?

    Construction for Alkrington Avenue Park is expected to commence early 2022.