Why do we need an Aquatic Facilities Strategy?

    Lake Macquarie has a population of over 208,000 people, in a geographical area that includes beaches and a large lake. Lake Macquarie City Council’s Swim Centres are a key facility in providing opportunities to learn to swim, squad training, lap swimming, aquatic programs/classes and recreational swimming.

    With a growing population, Council needs to plan strategically for the future provision of swim centres, to ensure they respond to the needs of the community, while also considering economic and environmental sustainability implications and best practice.

    Council is now seeking public input into the development of a 20 year strategy to guide the future provision and development of our swim centres. The focus of this round of the consultation is to gain an understanding on how people use our swim centres, what works well, doesn’t work well and to gain feedback on the Options Analysis Report. Feedback is welcome from the whole community regardless if you currently use a swim centre or not.

    What does the Aquatic Facilities Strategy cover?

    All council managed and/or owned Swim Centres.

    Where are Council’s swim centres?

    Council currently owns six swim centres located at Speers Point, Charlestown, Morisset, Swansea, West Wallsend and Toronto. Further information on the specific location and the facilities and opportunities provided at each centre can be found on Councils web page in the following link.

    Lake Mac Swim Centres - Lake Macquarie City Council

    What is the Options Analysis Report?

    The Options Analysis Report summarises the purpose of the strategy, the analysis undertaken to date, best practice in the industry and the condition and performance of our current swim centres. It then provides a strategic framework for the future of our swim centres, identifying guiding principles, and a draft future provision quantum and hierarchy. The final section of the report provides future facility development options for each swim centre, including ‘Maintaining the Status Quo’ and a ‘Recommended Option’ for most centres. 

    How can I get involved?

    This round of consultation is aimed at gathering an understanding on how the community use swim centres, what works and doesn’t work well and gathering feedback on the Options Analysis Report. You can provide feedback by completing the online survey and register to attend one of the two online one hour Information sessions. These sessions which will be held on Microsoft Teams will present the Options Analysis Report and provide the opportunity to ask questions through the Team chat function.

    The second round of consultation to be held mid-2022 will invite the community to provide feedback on the draft Aquatic Facilities Strategy that will be placed on public exhibition. This feedback will then be considered in finalising the strategy prior to a Council report recommending adoption.