Where do I find existing Lake Macquarie case studies?

    The latest stories from the people and places that make Lake Macquarie a unique and exciting place for families to grow, businesses to thrive and tourists to explore.


    Where can I find relevant data to help my business?

    Open data is data that is freely available for anyone to use without restrictions from copyright or patents.

    Council provides real-world data online and free of charge to the public through the Federal Govenment's open data portal, data.gov.au.

    Sharing open data allows app developers, researchers and the community to access information to help make informed decisions, for scientific research or to include in apps.


    How do I make my business more energy, waste and water efficient?

    Whether you're running a home business or big business; making your operational more resource efficient will have big benefits for your business and bottom line. 

    Identifying areas where you can make energy, waste and water savings will save you money, attract environmentally conscious customers and create a more viable business.


    Is my business emergency ready?

    Regardless of the size of your business, it’s important to have a plan in place to ensure you can continue to operate during an emergency and bounce back quickly following any critical incident.

    Resources are available to help you and your business prepare:

    Sign up to the Lake Mac Early Warning Network to get severe weather warnings delivered to your phone, and visit our webpage for more information on what to do during an emergency.


    How does my business plan, partner or sponsor an event in Lake Macquarie?

    The people of Lake Macquarie love their events and festivals. From music, food and arts and craft festivals to sports, new events pop up every year throughout our City. We welcome all new event ideas and have various resources available to assist you with planning your event.

    To express interest in becoming a stallholder, sponsor, supplier or performer for an upcoming Council even, please contact the Events team at [email protected]


    How do I apply for tenders and expressions of interest open tenders?

    To download tender documents, you'll need to register with Tenderlink.

    Registration is free. Our guide to accessing Tenderlink will assist you with the registration process.

    Tenders will be called when it is anticipated that expenditure will be greater than $150,000 (including GST) over the life of the contract.


    Where do I find out more information regarding commercial waste services?

    Every rateable commercial property in Lake Macquarie City pays a minimum of one Commercial Waste Management Charge, paid for via the rates. This entitles your property to the standard commercial waste collection services, being one 240 litre garbage bin collected weekly.

    In addition to this, Council offers businesses flexibility to tailor waste services to best suit their business needs.

    We offer a range of bin sizes for additional services across the following waste service types:

    • weekly garbage service
    • fortnightly recycling service
    • weekly green waste service

    Fees are charged for these additional services.

    240L garbage bins are owned by the property owner, while the recycling and green waste bins are owned by the collection contractor.

    Property owners are responsible for the purchase of 240L general waste bins for use at their property.


    Where do I find more information to assist in the operation of my business?

    Council has a range of programs and services designed to help your business operate safely and successfully.


    Where do I sign up to get the latest business news from Council?

    Sign up to receive regular business updates, news, spotlights on local businesses, service and support opportunities in Lake Macquarie.