Why is the CMP presented across three separate documents?

    As there is a significant amount of information to convey, the draft CMP is presented as three volumes.

    • Volume 1: Provides an overview of the nine cemeteries. It focuses on issues and constraints, and provides policy guidance.
    • Volume 2: Contains specific information for each cemetery location and is aligned with the NSW State Heritage Inventory.
    • Volume 3: Contains the results of archival recording and digital mapping.

    Which cemeteries are covered by the draft CMP?

    The nine Council-managed cemeteries covered by the draft CMP are:

    1. Belmont Cemetery
    2. Catherine Hill Bay Cemetery
    3. Johnston (Barnsley) Family Cemetery
    4. Morisset Cemetery
    5. Martinsville Pioneer Cemetery
    6. Toronto Cemetery 
    7. West Wallsend Cemetery
    8. Whitebridge Cemetery
    9. Wyee Cemetery.

    All nine cemeteries are operational (with various geographical and physical constraints) and will continue to provide various interment options to the local community now and into the future.

    What community engagement and internal consultation took place to develop the draft CMP?

    Community engagement included:

    • site meetings and discussions with volunteers from the Friends of Belmont Cemetery and West Wallsend Cemetery groups
    • interviews with local members of the community who have specific family/local history connections in each cemetery location
    • communication with funeral directors, gravediggers, and monumental providers concerning historical services/interments, excavation methods and monumental skills.

    Council’s Community History Officer, Heritage Support Officer and Cemeteries Management Officer were involved in the preparation of the draft CMP.

    Preparation of the draft CMP was also discussed at the Unique Landscape Portfolio Committee in April 2021. Matters such as heritage significance, management policies, long term management, digital mapping and identifying local constraints in the cemeteries’ environment were discussed.

    Can I obtain a hard copy of the draft Cemeteries CMP?

    We can arrange for you to pick up hard copies of volumes one and three of the draft Cemeteries CMP.

    Volume two is only available to view online due the size of the document.

    If you would like a hard copy version of volumes one and three, please email [email protected] or call 02 4921 0333. 

    We will arrange for you to be able to pick them up from Speers Point Library.

    How can I make a submission?

    After reviewing the draft Cemeteries CMP

    • Make a submission via our online submission form on this page or by emailing [email protected]
    • Submissions may also be sent by mail to the following address:

             ATT: Donna Davis

             Lake Macquarie City Council

             Box 1906, Hunter Region

             Mail Centre, NSW 2310

    We will review all submissions and present the draft CMP to Council for final endorsement before the end of 2021.