What is the Cities Power Partnership

    The Cities Power Partnership is Australia’s largest local government climate network, made up of 129 councils from across the country, representing almost 11 million Australians.

    Local councils who join CPP make five action pledges in either renewable energy, efficiency, transport or working in partnership to tackle climate change. 

    It is up to Council to choose which pledges suit them best. Whether it’s putting solar on the local library, switching to electric buses, or opening up old landfills for new solar farms.

    What is Council already working on in energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainable transport or broader sustainability

    Lake Macquarie City Council is proud to be proactively tackling greenhouse gas emissions, making the switch to clean energy and enabling sustainable transport.

    Through its greenhouse gas reduction policy, Council has successfully reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 30 per cent since 2007 (to end of 2017-2018 Financial Year) while achieving a 6.08 per cent reduction in emissions city-wide, despite the City’s rapid growth and development.

    The Museum of Art and Culture Lake Macquarie has been recognised as one of the most sustainable exhibition spaces in regional Australia after switching to a state-of-the-art lighting system and installing 162 photovoltaic cells, which have reduced energy consumption from the grid.

    Across our local government area, Council is improving energy efficiency with its rollout of 5600 LED streetlights, and has replaced more than 2000 fluorescent lights with LEDs at community facilities. 

    Our geographically dispersed City, which wraps around one of Australia's largest saltwater lakes, presents many challenges for sustainable transport. We have implemented a comprehensive Cycling Strategy that has vastly improved our cycling infrastructure and we continue to advocate for fast rail and improved public transport. Council has also embarked on a forward-thinking Electric Vehicle Charging strategy, and has set to work installing charging stations at key locations within the City.

    What council hopes to gain from being a member of the Cities Power Partnership

    We welcome the opportunity to connect and collaborate with other councils, share our learnings, tap into leading research and innovation, and be open and accountable in monitoring and achieving these goals for our City and region.