Council has a Coastal Zone Management Plan (CZMP) which was prepared in 2015. Why do we now need a Coastal Management Program (CMP)?

    Council's are now required to prepare a CMP under the Coastal Management Act 2016. The Coastal Management Act provides for the integrated management of the coastal environment of New South Wales NSW), consistent with the principles of ecologically sustainable development, for the social, cultural and economic wellbeing of NSW.

    What is the difference between a plan and a program?

    A program specifies organisation activities aimed at achieving broader organisational objectives by co-ordinating a group of projects. It is a long-term managed portfolio of multiple projects designed to produce outcomes. A program discusses relationships and independent roles and evolves over time.

    A plan details a course of action. It provides steps to be carried out in programs and projects. It establishes goals, deliverables and a level of collaboration for programs and projects as wells as  documenting policies and procedures.

    Which natural areas of the City will the CMP cover?

    It will include the lake, Swansea channel and the beaches.

    How many stages will be involved in preparing the CMP?

    It is recommended that Council's follow a five-stage risk management process for the preparation and implementation of a CMP.