Why has Council prepared this suite of documents?

    It is important that Council is transparent and has a clear and structured process to ensure equity and due diligence when making decisions on what to collect. This also applies to the selection and de-selection of library and cultural selections.

    What is a Library Collections Policy?

    The draft Policy outlines development, management and access to library collections with the secondary function of providing a framework for the selection and de-selection of material, guiding responses to client needs and demands, and acting as an aid in assessing performance.

    What is a Library Collections Strategy

    The draft Strategy details the principles identified in the development and management of the Lake Mac Libraries collection. The Strategy provides the framework for library staff to make decisions regarding collection development and informs decisions around collections profiling.

    What is a Cultural Collections Policy

    The draft Policy aims to guide the decision-making process for shaping the cultural collections of Council.

    The draft policy proposes that a Cultural Collections Consultative Committee be formed -  drawn from the broader community with the aim of supporting staff and help inform the Cultural Collections Policy.

    What is a Cultural Collections Strategy

    The purpose of the draft Strategy is to outline a clear framework for the future growth of the visual art, museum and social history, family history and local studies collections.

    The strategic document includes a framework and approach to develop collections within 4 key areas – visual arts, public art, museum and social history, and archive collections over the coming 5 years.