What is a Disability Inclusion Action Plan?

    Each council needs to determine how to best address the needs of people with disability in their community. Under the NSW Disability Inclusion Act (2014), Councils must have in place plans which outline the ways they are working to support inclusion of people with disability.

    Lake Macquarie City Council has had a Disability Action Plan in place since 2006. The new Disability Inclusion Plan 2021 - 2025 will be developed in accordance with NSW guidelines and focus on four key areas: attitudes and behaviours, liveable communities, employment, and systems and processes.

    Who is the plan for?

    The plan outlines to the Council what work they are committing to over the next four years, and shows the community what action they can expect to see from us.

    Access and inclusion is important for everyone in the community – not just people with disability. Everyone benefits from accessible community spaces and inclusive practices. People who are aging, families with prams, injured sports people all benefit from physical improvements. People who have a vision impairment, hearing loss or learning difficulty benefit from easy to understand information and support tools.

    What will the plan do?

    Lake Macquarie City Council is committed to inclusion of people with disability, and to building a strong and equitable community. We want to find ways to make Lake Mac a better place live, work and play – creating a liveable city for all.

    The Plan will identify what Council needs to do to help people with disability feel and be more included in the community, and be able to access the same services, facilities and opportunities as everybody else. To get there, we need to hear from people with disability, carers and service providers about their experiences and ideas for change.

    What is inclusion?

    People with disability have the same human rights as people without disability. Attitudes, practices, and structures can create barriers to people with disability which can prevent them from having the same economic participation and social inclusion as others.

    An inclusive society is about acceptance. It works to break down barriers, raise awareness and provide equal opportunities to everyone.

    I want to find out more

    For further information on the NSW Disability Inclusion Action Planning Guidelines additional support or information is available via: