Why did Council create this Draft Plan?

    All councils are required to develop an annual plan that lists the actions they will take during the year to achieve their strategic goals, which are aligned with priorities identified by the community.

    Once adopted, Council's Operational Plan 2016-2017 and Fees and Charges 2016-2017 will guide a schedule of works for the next financial year. These documents allow Council to monitor its performance to ensure it is achieving community aspirations in a cost effective manner.

    How will Council report on the actions planned in the Draft?

    Council staff will report on the progress of the actions through quarterly reviews to the Council. These reviews will outline progress made on each action of the Operational Plan and evaluate the key performance indicators assigned to each action. The corresponding budget allocations will also be reported.

    Council’s operational performance is also detailed in its Annual Report.

    You can view a snapshot of how Council performed last financial year here.

    How else may I provide my feedback?

    We have provided online submission forms on this website, however if you prefer, you can also print of a copy of the forms and mail to PO Box 1906, Hunter Region Mail Centre NSW 2310 or email [email protected]

    Or, drop into the Customer Service Centre at the Council Administration Building, or your local library to view the documents and complete a feedback form.