Councillor Expenses and Facility Policy

    What is the Councillor Expenses and Facilities Policy and why do we need it?

    The Policy provides for reasonable and appropriate reimbursement of expenses and provision of facilities to the Mayor and Councillors to help them undertake their civic duties as the elected representatives of Lake Macquarie City Council.  

    The policy aims to ensure facilities and expenses for Councillors meet community expectations, with accountability and transparency in the process, and support diverse representation by enabling the participation of Councillors from different backgrounds. The policy covers expenses including travel, accommodation and meals, professional development, conferences and seminars and information technology.

    Under the Local Government Act 1993, all Councils are required to prepare, exhibit and adopt a policy about the payment of expenses and the provision of facilities to the Mayor and Councillors.

    What’s changing in the Councillor Expenses and Facilities Policy?

    We’re including updates to refine key elements of the policy and clarify practice. Updates are to:

    • allow Councillors to request to forego all or part of their annual fee in exchange for Council making contributions to a complying superannuation fund on their behalf
    • enable Councillors to access mobile computing devices and phone equipment for the purposes of Council business up to a total maximum limit of $10,000 per Council term, and clarify roles and responsibilities
    • enable Councillors to seek reimbursement for individual newspaper subscriptions, up to a total of two subscriptions (including any corporate offers)
    • increase rates for accommodation and meals for Councillors attending conferences and professional development, to reflect COVID-19 price increases
    • remove transitional provisions which are no longer applicable following 2021 elections
    • make minor editorial amendments.

    To look at the detail of the changes, you can find a copy of the draft policy showing tracked changes since the last version on this Project page.

    How can I comment on the draft policy?

    You can comment on the draft policy by viewing online at this Project page and uploading a submission.

    Alternatively, you can view the draft policy at Council's Administrative Centre. 

    Written submissions should be address to:

    Lake Macquarie City Council

    Coordinator Council Liaison

    Box 1906, Hunter Region Mail Centre NSW 2310 or via email to with the subject title Att Coordinator Council Liaison