Why does Council need an Environmental Sustainability Strategy

Through the Environmental Sustainability Strategy, Council seeks to set out strategic directions, priorities, actions, community / organisational indicators and departmental responsibility for delivery of environmental sustainability outcomes that contribute to making a City:

- where the natural environment is protected and enhanced

- that encourages safe, active and social opportunities

- that has effective public and active transport systems

- promotes a diverse economy that is resilient and adaptable change

- supports connected communities that provide a sense of belonging

- is creative and supports new technologies and ways of thinking; and

- involves decision-making with the community through shared responsibility and governance.

How is the Strategy being developed?

The Lake Macquarie community has already provided significant feedback and insight into the environmental sustainability themes and areas of importance through a range of methods including the Environmental Attitudes Survey, Community Satisfaction Survey, and community engagement for the Community Strategic Plan 2017-2027. This information is being used to inform development of the draft Environmental Sustainability Strategy. The current engagement activity is to review draft themes and targets for the Strategy.  Once feedback on these themes and targets is gathered, we will draft the remainder of the document and seek further community input on it in 2019.

What's new from the previous Environmental Sustainability Action Plan

The review of Council’s Environmental Sustainability Action Plan 2014-2023 is to better align Council’s framework for sustainable planning, decision-making and action with the City’s new vision and values, as outlined in the Community Strategic Plan 2017-2027, and achieve improved sustainability outcomes for the City.

How do I help contribute to developing the Strategy

A survey, accessible via Council’s engagement portal shape.lakemac.com.au, will be the primary method of communication. This will run throughout September-October 2018. As part of the survey participants can also submit qualitative feedback on the draft themes and targets. Further engagement will be undertaken in 2019 to seek feedback on a full draft of the Environmental Sustainability Strategy.