Strategy 1 - Develop regional and cross-sector partnerships

7 months ago
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We will strengthen investment in Lake Macquarie's EV charging, coordinating local efforts with regional, state and national EV charging networks. We will develop regional and cross-sector partnerships to support our regions transition to EVs. This will enable us to coordinate the efforts of multiple parties to achieve a fit-for purpose, regional EV charging network and leverage collaborative opportunities.

Do you support this Strategy and the Actions that underpin it?

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  • RRR 8 months ago
    Why is it role of the Council to be involved in vehicle refuelling, other than for its own vehicles??? There has been no similar involvement in ensuring the availability of petrol stations.
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    • Jesterhat 8 months ago
      I think at this point, with the environmental crisis being as it is, it is incumbent on EVERY entity, whether an individual, a council, a federal government or a multi-national corporation, to be playing a role in reducing emissions. Councils provide local roads to drive on, they should have a part to play in how the cars that drive on those roads operate.
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      • neil 8 months ago
        There is no man made climate crisis. Even if Australia shut down completely it would make no difference to the amount of co2 in the atmosphere so until a new better technology comes along stick to ICE as EVs at this point are a waste of money.
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        • Jesterhat 8 months ago
          Thanks Neil, if its all the same, I think I'll make my own decisions about what I consider value for money, and value for rates. Go LMCC!
    • kim.grierson 7 months ago
      I bought a small I MIEV second hand a few years ago and have mostly charged it at home. I doubt that petrol stations could make enough money out of selling electricity to cars as they can for petrol. I do feel that most electric cars will be charged routinely at home but urgently need charging points for longer trips. Electric cars are very much better so there are numerous reasons to support them. They are much healthier without the toxic exhausts and that means saved lives. Also we can produce all the electricity here in Oz and don't need to import petroleum products from the Middle East. This will mean a massive saving on foreign exchange.
  • jonathanwood79 8 months ago
    A significant barrier to the update of EVs particularly in the Hunter region is the unwillingness and lack of knowledge of car sales outlets. Council could investigate a communication and education campaign to address these barriers. A similar barrier exists for car service providers. Hence, Council should form partnerships with associations representing these 2 industries.
  • jonathanwood79 8 months ago
    Fully supportive of this with a particular emphasis on creating a consistency of charging infrastructure and software interface between LGAs , state and federal systems. The objective from a user perspective is that there is seamless transition between chargepoints and there is no point of difference.
  • Admin Commented Luke Farr 8 months ago
    Thank you for your interest and comments regarding the draft Strategy. Please remember to address the question at hand and refrain from offering disparaging remarks about other people's view point.
  • Stephen Noel 8 months ago
    Encourage small EV buses from places where you can park your car which have chargers.
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    • Dawn 8 months ago
      Good idea
  • lizw 8 months ago
    Yes, makes economic and logistic sense to partner with other local councils and state and federal govt.
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    • neil 8 months ago
      Forget it.Long before you replace the internal combustion engine with EVs we’ll be getting around like the Jetsons or being beamed to our destination over the internet.
  • timgorrod 8 months ago
    Yes. Partnerships should be sought with car makers, businesses such as supermarkets, (green) energy suppliers. EVs will move quickly from being a luxury to being the norm.
  • Castaway 8 months ago
    Agree - getting buy-in from NSW Government and others will be critical in the development of a well considered state and national network of EV charging infrastructure. There may even be suitable locations on highly frequented routes such as the M1 where private sector infrastructure could be supported by LMCC (think Tesla and others).
  • neil 8 months ago
    NO Stick to picking up the rubbish filling pot holes and perhaps you could do some kerb and guttering.