Strategy 2 - Plan transport for liveable communities

7 months ago
CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.

We will integrate EV charging into future-decision making, with a focus on infrastructure that supports smart transport options for all parts of the community. Our planning will support the City's transport hierarchy and adapt based on community feedback. In doing so, we will move our City closer to our 2050 transport vision of a "City close to connections".

Do you support this Strategy and the Actions that underpin it?

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  • RRR 8 months ago
    This strategy will result in yet more waste. it is based on an ideology that EV vehicles will prevail where in fact in China, where EV has the greatest penetration, sales are retreating at a rapid pace because of range and refuelling time issues. They aren't viable. We'll end up with unused refuelling stations in the same way that we have unused bike racks. And all because someone in Council has a dream.
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    • Jesterhat 8 months ago
      I think council is merely responding to consumer sentiment. EV's are increasing in number. EVs will prevail and I think the range issues will be solved, rather than EVs shelved. Cars used to get half as far as they do now on a tank of fuel. Technology will improve things with time.
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      • neil 8 months ago
        The take up of EVs will continue to be slow as they just don’t make sense to many Australian families.
    • kim.grierson 7 months ago
      Car sales in China of all types of cars, ICE and EV, have been declining for some time. Bloomberg says this is due to a slowing economy and a trade war with the US. Since NRMA put the charging stations in Wallsend I have been very happily using them. I think it would be wonderful to have charging available in Lake Mac and thank the council for this. Many friends admire my EV but can't imagine getting one themselves without more charging infrastructure. So this is needed to assist the movement to EVs.
  • kim.grierson 7 months ago
    When I purchased my little electric car I was easily able to install a charging power point in my garage. But many people live in units of various kinds where they don't have control over the parking area. It is therefore important that Council encourage all new unit developments to provide infrastructure so that future residents (all of them) can have the option of an electric vehicle. Council may be able to have some influence on Strata rules and regs to hopefully make them supportive of installation of charging infrastructure in existing units. I do believe that more car companies will move to EVs only and end Internal Combustion Engine cars ICEs so future residents need to be able to make existing buildings adapt without too much hassle.
  • Admin Commented Luke Farr 8 months ago
    Thank you for your interest and comments regarding the draft Strategy. Please remember to address the question at hand and refrain from offering disparaging remarks about other people's view point.
  • Keighan 8 months ago
    Most Ev charging can be done at home, but having charging stations close to shops (small buisness) can encourage people to spend time shopping while waiting for their car to top up. The utilisation of EV busses around the lake would be better as it would take cars off the road,and be a more affordable option for people who can't afford a new electric car.
  • Castaway 8 months ago
    It would be great to see more work on ensuring future development is future proofed to allow provision of EV charging points in the future. For example, there may be public and private developments in planning that are not yet ready to implement EV charging points, but encouraging the inclusion of suitable electrical services will help reduce the barriers to installing charging points in these developments in future as demand increases.
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    • neil 8 months ago
      While you’re at it let’s have hydrogen filling points, also not a viable alternative to the ICE.
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      • Dawn 8 months ago
        I agree with you Neil that we should also be planning hydrogen filling points. If hydrogen fuel is produced using renewable energies & made from water instead of being extracted from natural gas - it is a far better environmental choice than the EV. Dont get me wrong though, the EV is still a step in the right direction, just that hydrogen fuel cell should be the next step. They refuel as quick as a petrol or diesel, they have the same range as petrol or diesel & they filter particulate pollution out of the air as they go & the only byproduct is water - truely zero emissions.
  • Stephen Noel 8 months ago
    Frequent EV shuttle buses needed, especially on Westside of Lake
  • JSP1691952 8 months ago
    Another point to consider is this. Many folk take up a full car park with just one passenger in the vehicle. That is fine as people need to shop and park etc. BUT there were very few dedicate sparking spots for motor cycles and motor scooters in Lake Macquarie. I ride a small motor scooter and there are a couple of dedicated parking bays at Toronto in the main street, but none close to Coles or Woollies. A few could be added i Coles Car Park without taking any car parks by allowing a few to be placed just off the car park towards the Spot Office direction. I have been tempted to park there rather than take a car space, but have resisted as i am not keen to attract a fine. With my scooter, I can (and did today) pick up scripts from the chemist, 2 loaves of bread from Bakers Delight, and meat , fruit and 2 X 2 L milk from Coles and place them all in the under seat and capsule storage on the scooter. My scooter is a 125cc Kymco Like and returns better than 100 mpg (or 2.8L/100km). Now that is very economical and is good for the environment. Fully electric motor scooters and bikes will soon become popular too. So, I am suggesting that more motor scooter and electric scooter parking spaces be made available across the city and that people are encouraged to use these as well as electric and hybrid cars.
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    • neil 8 months ago
      Great use under utilised space not existing car spaces.