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about 2 months ago
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Share with us what you like about the new route.

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  • Nick N about 2 months ago
    I ageee with all of these comments. A tourism draw card to lake Mac, a safe alternative to road riding, taking advantage of natural features in the area,opportunities for locals to exercise in a safe environment. Thanks
  • Jason123 about 2 months ago
    Would love thetrack to loop the lagoon for a scenic run /ride, or park run alternative
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    • Nick N about 2 months ago
  • Rewade about 2 months ago
    Great to ride from Adamstown to Murrays beach along a quiet and scenic route away from traffic
  • michaelg.mg145 2 months ago
    I like the route beside the lagoon and behind the residential area. This takis users away from traffic and introduces them to a part of Lake Macquarie that has not been previously accessible. Also a continuous shared path such as this will be a great asset to the Lake Macquarie community and visitors.
  • GARY 2 months ago
    A wonderful project for locals, cyclists and walkers. Avoidance of Highway traffic and suitable cycling grades are the best features.
  • Admin Commented Lake Mac 3 months ago
    (4 March Beach St drop-in) Laurie - Get it done.
  • Admin Commented Lake Mac 3 months ago
    (3 March Brandt St drop-in) Julie - Great idea! Get it done!
  • Admin Commented Lake Mac 3 months ago
    (3 March Brandt St drop-in) Ron - Excellent route
  • jezweb 3 months ago
    Good. The way it is now is not suitable for riders who lack confidence or prefer not to be riding on roads with cars.
  • Martin C 3 months ago
    Great to see LMCC pursuing and consulting with the community on this project. I agree with the comments received so far. The additional section can only add to the already enormously popular Fernleigh Track. It is already a wonderful trail. This and other cycling opportunities in the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Cessnock areas, such as the proposed Richmond Vale Rail Trail, could combine to be a real attraction for cycle tourists, apart from the obvious benefits for residents.
  • glenn wrixon 3 months ago
    The quicker there is a environmental impact statement done the better.
  • Handmade 3 months ago
    Safe - just for cycling - keeps cyclists away from the busy road - extends an already fabulous bike track that is well used and loved. It's such a positive move for our city with many health benefits that cycling and walking brings in a safe way.
  • Amber 3 months ago
    It’s great to see important infrastructure like this prioritised. Has regional impact! Thsnks
  • greg.rose 3 months ago
    Avoids the need to rid on the pacific highway.