What is a floodplain risk management study?

    A Floodplain Risk Management Study identifies, assesses and compares various risk management options and considers opportunities for environmental enhancements as part of mitigation works.

    It draws together the results of the flood study and data collection exercises and provides information and tools to allow strategic assessment of the impacts of management options for existing, future and continuing flood risk on flood behaviour and hazard. The plan also allows for a thorough assessment of the social, economic, environmental and cultural issues and costs and benefits of all options.

    What is a floodplain risk management plan?

    A Floodplain Risk Management Plan provides a strategic management plan that best balances social, economic, environmental and cultural interests in the floodplain. It optimises the use of community infrastructure, minimises the risk to people, property and emergency response personnel and formalises and prioritises mitigation works. The management plan forms the basis for development controls that will be used to assess future development in the floodplain.

    What is the process of floodplain risk management?

    1. Form a Floodplain Risk Management Committee
    2. Collect data
    3. Flood Study preparation
    4. Floodplain Risk Management Study preparation
    5. Floodplain Risk Management Plan preparation
    6. Adoption by Council and implementation of the Plan
    7. Review the Plan

    How else can I access the draft documents and provide feedback?

    As well as viewing the draft reports here, you are welcome to view a copy at Cardiff or Edgeworth libraries, and at Council's Administration Building.

    Feedback may be sent via our online submission form, or by mailing to PO Box 1906 HRMC NSW 2010 or emailing [email protected]