First insights from 3 March - Your questions

Council staff met with residents of Pelican, Blacksmiths and Marks Point and Belmont South on Thursday 3 March 2016 to explore how together we can plan for future flood and coastal risks.

A number of questions were captured on the night, for discussion at future events.

Sea level rise has risen slowly in past, can we expect the same rate of increase into the future or will it get faster?

Can we hear more about how the Marks Point and Belmont South community worked with Council to prepare a Local Adaptation Plan for that area?

Preparing a plan for possible changes in lake and sea levels in the future is difficult and complex. How do we deal with legacy development?

Can reports about sea level rise trends be made available on Council’s website?

The water table is very close to the surface here, and that can affect how water drains away. It means some drains are ineffective. If that is the case, what can be done to improve drainage?

Could swales be an effective drainage solution for this area?

Can we address drainage issues by gradually raising land?

Can we slow stormwater down and divert it? What would this look like?

Can water tanks be looked at as a stormwater solution? Interesting to learn a 1 in 20 year 48 hour rainfall event in Lake Macquarie produces enough water to fill 40 million standard sized household water tanks (5000-litre tanks), causing the lake to flood and rise by about a metre compared to its usual average still water level.

Could we use voids in old mine workings to catch flood waters in a big flood event? Would there be issues of subsidence and contamination?

How are coastal planning lines derived to plan for possible beach erosion?

Will Pelican Boat Ramp be replaced? How can we address erosion issues?

Long-term dredging of the channel makes it change unpredictably. Sand islands are a problem for navigation. How can this be addressed?

If we plan for the future now, when do we have to act?

The February Tides, Rains and Drains tour was excellent. Can we do something similar again as more people get involved?

How can we get more people involved in planning for the future? There is a lot of valuable local knowledge to share. Could we include tear off contact details on posters?

Can we work with local schools to inform people about community planning events?

Join us at the next event Thursday 17 March, 6-8.30pm, for a Question and Answer session with special guests. Fish and chips included!

Register your attendance online or call Council on 4921 0333.

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