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Insights from 17 March Q&A event - your questions

On Thursday 17 March, residents were given the opportunity to engage with Council staff and independent specialists in coastal, channel and flooding hazards, and to explore ways we can plan for future uncertainty.

The following questions offer some insight into the discussions during the event. We will explore these questions further in upcoming community workshops. As we move forward, we will start to provide answers to your questions from this event and other events on the project website. You can ask us a question at any time.

How do we develop a Local Adaptation Plan for Pelican and Blacksmiths? Can we learn from the Marks Point and Belmont South experience?

How does this adaptation plan address planning for resilience against flooding, and incorporating land use planning under the coastal zone management plan?

Are there any management models from other coastal communities we can adopt?

What opportunities for dune nourishment work to protect the beach?

Low-lying suburban roads and drainage systems – to what extent do blockages contribute to issues? How often does Council respond to drainage service requests?

Roads need to be raised for evacuation, if necessary. Is the Roads and Maritime Service (RMS) on board with resolutions from the Marks Point and Belmont South Local Adaptation Plan?

Can we incorporate other climate change issues in adaptation planning? For example, increased temperature, warming of lake and ocean; shade, raised building and infrastructure solutions…

Is the collapse of Milanos a consequence of dredging, sand islands, or channel scour from the entrance training walls?

Manly Hydraulics monitors three tidal gauges in Lake Macquarie at Belmont, Marmong Point and Swansea. Do flood waters from Dora Creek, Eraring and the Hunter Valley influence lake levels? How?

Could the water table be lowered by planting paperbark and tea trees? Would this help manage storm water flooding?

If moving Pelican boat ramp has to happen, are there plans to address erosion issues at the airport?

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