Why is Council considering a new purpose for the facility?

    In previous years, there has been a decline in tennis at Holmesville there are more modern tennis facilities available a short distance away in West Wallsend.

    Tennis at the site has ceased and the previous community operating committee finalised their operations in January this year.

    Following the closure of services in January, now is the perfect time to explore ideas and research the local community needs for a new facility or service at the existing site to benefit residents and visitors in Holmesville.

    What is Council looking for in responses/suggestions from the community?

    Council is looking for suggestions for an appropriate future use of the former Holmesville tennis site.

    Ideas or suggestions should consider direct benefits to the community and reflect the needs of both the current and future residents.

    Why are community facilities important to a town centre?

    Community facilities provide safe spaces for people to gather socially, engage in activities, create a sense of belonging and provide a meaningful service to the community.

    Common community facilities include a wide variety of:

    • parks;

    • playgrounds;

    • foreshores;

    • community halls and buildings;

    • sporting complexes;

    • ovals, plus many more…

    How can I provide my idea/suggestion to Council?

    • Visit www.haveyoursaylakemac.com.au/Holmesville and follow the prompts.

    • Complete a reply paid postcard “What does Holmesville need?” (Postcards were delivered to all households in Holmesville and in nearby areas, from 20 April, and are also available in Holmesville at Mum’s Cottage, the community hall, the pub and at Edgeworth Library.)

    • Submit correspondence to Council, attention Karen Marples, Communications and Customer Service.

    What will be the process for Council’s decision on the repurpose use?

    The current community engagement activities are designed to collect ideas from the community and will run for a period of four weeks from 20 April until 22 May 2015.

    After the May 22 deadline for ideas, Council will provide feedback to the community in July/August this year, and develop formal recommendations for Council.

    It is anticipated a report will be presented to Council for determination in the third quarter of 2015.

    How can I be involved in the project?

    • Provide a comment or suggestion at www.haveyoursaylakemac.com.au/Holmesville

    • Sign our Guest Book and provide your contact details and email address online at www.haveyoursaylakemac.com.au/Holmesville, you will then receive notifications of project updates and opportunities to provide input into the project.

    • Provide your request to be involved in the Holmesville Future Use Project and your contact details and email address in correspondence to Council, attention Karen Marples, Communications and Customer Service.

    What is the address of the site?

    Corner of George and Charlotte streets, Holmesville

    What is the size of the site?


    What does the site include?

    Two former tennis courts, a fenced grass area and a clubhouse building.

    When will any works required to upgrade or remodel the site/facility be undertaken?

    Once the Council recommendations are adopted, plans for any required works will be developed and scheduled.

    It is anticipated a report will be presented to Council for determination in the third quarter of 2015.

    Who will pay for any works required to upgrade or remodel the facility for its repurpose use?

    There are some funds available for minor upgrading or remodelling of the site.

    Any further funding required would be allocated or sought either through Council or in conjunction with the successful applicant managing the facility going forward, and will depend upon the nature of the works required.

    More information available:

    Who can I ask if I want more information?

    Karen Marples, Engagement Officer, Ext 1164

    Emma Hawke, Community Development Officer, Ext 1342

    Andrew Bryant, Coordinator Community & Recreation Development, Ext 1518