September 2021 Update

Just an update to let you know where things are up to for the servicing of the Killingworth Paper Subdivision.

Since the Killingworth Area Plan has been adopted, we have been:

  • Preparing the water and sewer design including:
    • Preparation of detailed survey
    • Undertaking ecological investigations
    • Working with Hunter Water regarding their notification of requirements
  • Obtaining legal advice regarding the preparation of a legal instrument that can be entered between Council and landowners for the works, their timing and cost sharing (apportioning)
  • Investigating stormwater requirements
  • Finalising the quantity survey costing of the proposed works.

Staging of works

  • Council is working to commence construction of services at Killingworth in 2022. After careful logistical consideration, we’ve opted to deliver construction across two stages.
  • We will be sending landowners some information about the staged works shortly by email and mailed post:
    • This information will outline how the works will be staged and items that will be included in detailed design costs
    • We anticipate that the legal instrument will be sent to landowners by the end of 2021, followed by landowner meetings in early 2022.

If you have any questions relating to Stage One works over the coming weeks, we’re happy to arrange an appointment to speak with you in more detail.

Please contact Andrejs Rubenis, Land Development Officer on 4921 0333 or email [email protected].

Click here to see the map of the Stage One area.

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