Landowner survey

This survey will help Council to understand the level of interest from landowners in developing the land at Killingworth Paper Subdivision. It will also provide preferred methods of communication and up to date contact details to keep landowners informed of the project's progress.

Maximum characters 255
Maximum characters 255
Would you like to see the property serviced (roads, water, sewer, electricity etc)? required

Funding and timing for infrastructure

In new subdivisions, the developer builds the infrastructure prior to the sale of allotments and the cost of this infrastructure is reflected in the sale price of the land. The Killingworth Paper Subdivision was registered under old legislation that did not require services and infrastructure to be provided by the developer. Therefore, the costs to provide infrastructure to the land will need to be met by landowners. Council is committed to working with landowners to assist the provision of infrastructure to the land. For more information visit FAQs.

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Maximum characters 255
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