Killingworth Paper Subdivision

The Killingworth Paper Subdivision consists of 24 residential lots that are owned by residential landowners and Council.

While much of the land has been rezoned for residential development, the land cannot be developed because it is not serviced with the necessary infrastructure such as roads, drainage, water, wastewater (sewer), communications and electricity. The land may also have high biodiversity values.

Council commissioned a Water and Wastewater Servicing Strategy for the subdivision which has now been assessed by Hunter Water with approval to extend water and sewer services to these lots. This approval is valid until 2023, so Council is seeking interest from landowners to potentially progress development for the subdivision.

In July 2021, Council adopted the draft Killingworth Paper Subdivision Area Plan and will amend the Lake Macquarie Development Control Plan 2014 to incorporate the draft Area Plan.

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June 2024 update

Since the last project update, we have been making exciting progress towards the delivery of the Stage One servicing works.

December 2023 update

As of December 2023, Council has countersigned all Landowner Agreements associated with the Stage One works. This action was approved by Council at their Ordinary Meeting on the 11 December 2023.

September 2023 update

21 Sep 2023 Council, as of this month, has successfully obtained all signed agreements from the landowners involved in the Stage One works. Unfortunately, the delay in obtaining these agreements has resulted in the project not meeting the expiry period on Hunter Water’s approval for the works.