Why is a draft Area Plan needed for Killingworth Paper Subdivision?

    The draft Area Plan is deemed necessary Killingworth Paper Subdivision lots for the following reasons:


    The Area plan covers lots under the Urban Release Area for Killingworth. Without an Area Plan, development applications are unable to be assessed, until an Area Plan has been adopted by Council.

    Economic impacts

    It will allow the determination of development applications and assist in the delivery of roads and essential utility services.


    Includes controls to address the identified water quality and bushfire matters.


    The adoption of the draft Area Plan will support community safety, as it includes controls regarding roads, bushfire management and the requirement of water for firefighting purposes.


    Sets standards for the design and construction of future roads in the paper subdivision.

    What consultation has taken place to develop the draft Area Plan?

    Internally, the draft Area Plan has been prepared with input from Council’s Development Assessment and Certification, Environmental Regulation and Compliance, Environmental Systems, Asset Management, and Property and Business Development departments.

    Community consultation commenced with paper subdivision landowners regarding their interest in implementing essential utility services and the future development of the area. This engagement was the catalyst to develop the draft Area Plan due to the immediate interest in developing and implementing utility services. Further consultation with landowners regarding the detail of the draft Area Plan will occur during exhibition.

    In 2018, Hunter Water approved a Water and Sewer Strategy for the Killingworth Paper Subdivision which has informed the preparation of the draft Area Plan. Further consultation with Hunter Water will occur during exhibition of the draft Area Plan.

    Why are these lots unserviced?

    The Killingworth Paper Subdivision lots were created in 1901 at a time when roads and essential utility services were not required to be provided before the lots were created. 

    As such, the lots in the area are predominately un-serviced. Council staff are currently working with landowners and Hunter Water to facilitate the implementation of water and sewer services to the area. You can read more about the paper subdivision on our website.

    I own a property near Killingworth Paper Subdivision. How will draft Area Plan affect me?

    The draft Area Plan describes the objective and controls for the development of key infrastructure to undeveloped lots in Killingworth Paper Subdivision.

    The controls do not apply to developed lots outside of the specified study area.