What is Lake Activation?

    Lake Activation is about how we work and play on and around our beautiful Lake Macquarie. Activation includes recreation activities within the lake and on its foreshores; it includes festivals, events and attractions for residents and visitors, and it includes commercial uses and economic opportunities. Lake Activation recognises that the health of the lake and its foreshores is key to our successful enjoyment of all the lake has to offer.

    What is the Lake Activation Strategy?

    The Lake Activation Strategy is a framework that will guide how Council, through both its own programs and initiatives and in partnership with our community, businesses and other government authorities, can best manage, enhance and promote the lake, its foreshore areas and supporting infrastructure. 

    The Strategy will, through comprehensive engagement with our community and other stakeholders, develop a vision and guiding principles for the recreational use and development of the lake. The strategy will assess current usage and identify future needs and opportunities. It will measure the adequacy of lake and foreshore infrastructure and facilities to meet those current and future needs, and will develop a 10-year Action Plan to map how we will deliver our agreed vision for the lake.  

    Why do we need this Strategy?

    It is well recognised that recreation in the natural environment has a significant positive influence on our physical, mental and social wellbeing as individuals and on the communities in which we live. The provision of a range of ways to access and experience the Lake is vital to our city’s liveability, and to ensure that our communities are attractive places to live, visit and invest.

    Council has already built significant infrastructure to support the access to and use of the lake, and this strategy will ensure that we continue to encourage and support respectful and sustainable use of the lake.

    What consultation was undertaken to develop the draft Strategy?

    We asked the community to tell us the places they loved on the lake, whether they were happy with the facilities and services for lake-based recreation, barriers to lake activation and what could be improved to attract more local people and visitors.

    What parts of the Lake and its foreshores does this Strategy cover?

    The Lake Activation Strategy will apply to: 

    • Lake Macquarie and Swansea Channel waterways; 
    • Council owned and managed foreshore land that adjoins Lake Macquarie and Swansea Channel
    • Council owned and managed aquatic infrastructure located on Lake Macquarie and Swansea Channel foreshore areas, such as boat ramps, jetties, pontoons, swimming baths, fishing platforms, and support facilities (fish cleaning tables, car parking, pump out stations)
    • Government and privately owned and managed lake aquatic facilities accessible to the public. 

    Will this Strategy also consider privately owned lake facilities?

    Yes. The Strategy will consider privately-owned and managed land and facilities if they are accessible to the public.

    What parts of the Lake and its foreshores are not included in this Strategy?

    The Lake Activation Strategy will not apply to: 

    • Foreshore land in southern Lake Macquarie that is within the boundary of the Central Coast Local Government area, including Mannering Park, Summerland Point, Gwandalan, Chain Valley Bay and Point Wolstoncroft 
    • The Lake Activation Strategy does not apply to the dredging of the Swansea Channel.
    • Coastal areas including beaches and associated SLSC facilities. 

    Will the strategy address swimming enclosures?

    Yes. The strategy will provide guidance on the provision and design of lake swimming areas.

    How is the Lake Activation Strategy different to the Coastal Management Program?

    Council prepares strategies, plans and reports to help guide the current and future direction of our city.  Council is preparing the Lake Activation Strategy to identify and guide what facilities and initiatives will best activate the lake and its channel, with a focus on enhancing recreational, tourism, events and commercial opportunities in a balanced and sustainable manner. View our Strategic document map to see how the Lake Activation Strategy fits within Councils integrated planning framework. 

    Council is required to prepare a Coastal Management Program (CMP) under the Coastal Management Act 2016 (CM Act). CMP’s set the long-term strategy for the coordinated management of all coastal areas. The CMP addresses our beaches, the lake and the channel.  Preparation of a CMP must follow the guidelines and framework set by the NSW government, and must focus on achieving the objects and objectives of the Coastal Management Act. Visit our Coastal Management Program page for updates on Council’s development of the CMP.

    How can I provide feedback on the draft Strategy?

    You can provide feedback on the draft Strategy by completing the online submission form, emailing [email protected] or by sending a submission to Box 1906, Hunter Region Mail Centre, NSW 2310  with the title 'Feedback on draft Lake Activation Strategy'.