What is Lake Mac 100 all about?

    Lake Macquarie City Council wants to improve the way we seek out, facilitate and report on public involvement in our community engagement process. If we are to improve the way we engage with our communities, we need to involve them in shaping what that needs to look like. Rather than undertake a 'business as usual' approach to involving the community in this review process, we are taking the opportunity to try something different.

    Lake Mac 100 aims to bring together 100 people from across the city to discuss how Council can improve the way we engage with our community.

    Why should I get involved in Lake Mac 100? What's in it for me?

    • Being part of Lake Mac 100 is an exciting, unique volunteering opportunity to get involved in your community - helping shape the future city
    • You'll meet 99 other local people also keen to get involved in city life
    • All participants will receive a $100 voucher
    • You will receive yummy snacks

    Who will participate in Lake Mac 100?

    An independent consultant will review all Expressions of Interest and select 100 community members to collectively reflect our diverse city.

    How is Lake Mac 100 being promoted?

    We will be seeking Expressions of Interest to be part of the Lake Mac 100 via a mailout to 10,000 households across the city, a social media campaign and e-newsletters.

    Is Lake Mac 100 just a one-off event?

    The concept of Lake Mac 100 has come about to assist Council development a new Community Engagement Strategy for the city and we want to try something different in doing this. The 100 voices will provide us with ideas and insights about how we might involve people, that we might not have thought of.

    Whilst this is a one-off event at this stage, the 100 voices might tell us that it's been a great experience and that this type of process could be used more often to help us make important decisions.