How will my feedback be used?

    Your feedback will contribute to a new community vision and shared aspirations that will guide Council's planning over the next 10 years are we approach 2035. 

    It will inform our updated Community Strategic Plan 2025-2035, our Local Strategic Planning Statement and other strategic documents. 

    These documents will be publicly exhibited before they are presented to Council for adoption so you will have the chance to see how your feedback has shaped each document. You'll be given the opportunity to provide further feedback as part of the public exhibition of each document. 

    What is a Community Strategic Plan?

    Council's Community Strategic Plan guides the future direction of Lake Macquarie City for the next 10 years, and shares the vision and aspirations for the future of Lake Macquarie and sets out the community’s long-term plan.

    The plan is Council's key strategic planning document and is developed in collaboration with our community. It maps out the strategies and actions we will take to achieve our community’s long-term vision for the city.

    The plan is reviewed every four years, following an election.

    You can view our current Community Strategic Plan 2022-2032 online.

    What is a Local Strategic Planning Statement?

    The aim of the Lake Macquarie City Local Strategic Planning Statement is to influence public and private investment so that it enhances the wellbeing of our people and the environment – making Lake Macquarie City one of the most productive, adaptable, sustainable and liveable places in Australia. We see a city that is highly adaptable to social, environmental and economic changes; and one that has outstanding sustainability and liveability.

    You can view our current Local Strategic Planning Statement online.