Muraban Creek at Floraville and Belmont North

5 months ago

Is your house within the study area boundary? Do you use any assets, parks or schools in the study area? If so please tell us about your flooding experiences. Even if you haven't had trouble with flooding, we are interested in the whole picture.

Right now, we recognise this tributary is in a high residential area with some growth potential. We have some previous flood history but need your help to get the right information about flooding events to develop the flood study and future flood risk management study and plan.

Your flooding history will help inform our flood study and help protect your homes and local area. Complete a short survey or visit our interactive map and share your experiences and photos, before Monday 13 April.

Thank you for your contribution! Find out more or speak to the consultant about your experience, contact WMAwater on 02 9299 2855 or

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