Why has Council prepared the draft concept design for Martinsville Oval?

    Council has scheduled the demolition of the former tennis clubhouse building, and is seeking to replace this facility with new facilities, including the reinstatement of a playground. The Martinsville Oval Board has previously suggested that Council install playground equipment and barbecue facilities at the oval, and local residents are keen to improve the oval facilities to increase local and visitor use.

    What is included in the draft concept plan?

    Council is including an amenities building, barbecues, shelter with seating, and a playground. In addition to this we've drawn into the concept a location for fitness equipment which the community will seek to establish at a later date through grant applications.

    How will community input assist?

    This consultation is seeking to check-in with the community on the draft concept design and ensure we are on the right track. 

    When would construction of this project commence?

    Construction is planned to commence in early 2019.