What is the Code of Meeting Practice?

    Under the Local Government Act (1993), all Councils are required to prepare a Code of Meeting Practice for all meetings of Council and its committees, where all Councillors are members, must be conducted in accordance with this Code.

    What are the objectives of the Code?

    •to ensure that all meetings of council and its committees are conducted in an orderly, consistent and efficient manner;

    • to ensure that all meetings of council and its committees are conducted according to the principles of procedural fairness and due process;

    • to assist with the conduct of discussion and debate during council and committee meetings; to ensure that all councillors understand their rights and obligations during Council and Committee meetings;

    • to ensure that all councillors have an equal opportunity to participate fully in meetings and that meetings provoke a positive environment that is without malice and avoids insulting, improper or defamatory statements; and

    • to act as an effective aid for good governance.

    What has been added to this update?

    The Code has been updated to reflect requirements under the Office of Local Government’s Model Code of Meeting Practice and guidance for webcasting, address key matters based on operational experience and consolidate related policies into the Code. The main changes include:

    • providing that webcasts of Council and Standing Committee meetings be publicly accessible via Council’s website for four years; and
    • adjustments to the format of public forum and enhancing accessibility and transparency by live streaming public forum via Council’s website.

    How can I comment on the draft Code

    You can comment on the draft Code by viewing online at this Project page and uploading a submission. Alternatively you can view the Draft Code at Council's Administration Building and all Library branches.

    Written submissions should be address to:

    Lake Macquarie City Council

    Council Business Support Coordinator

    Box 1906, Hunter Region Mail Centre

    NSW 2310 or via email to council@lakemac.nsw.gov.au