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Morisset residents having their say on new community building

04 Sep 2014

Residents have started to have their say on the concept designs for the new community building in Morisset.  Thank you to all participants who have completed the survey so far. 

A number of participants have indicated that Council can include their feedback as part of this News section. These responses are included below.

22 August 2014
This would be an EPIC waste of council resources. Morisset already has everything this new building would provide. It's about time LMCC stopped their arrogant, all knowing behaviour and actually asked the South and Westlake areas what they need. What we NEED is this area is not an unnecessary and very ugly building but a hospital WITH an Emergency department. You'll have to consult with the NSW government but it's about time we were given what we NEED not the crumbs LMCC decides to throw our way to buy votes.

22 August 2014
I am excited about the proposed changes in Morisset. I am especially excited to see the new parkland and the proposed cycle-way to Cooranbong come to fruition. I am hopefully that
the new developments will also pay homage to the history and heritage of the area. I am curious to see how traffic flow will change with the Kahibah/Newcastle/Doyalson Street changes and the extension of Awaba Street through to Stockton Street. I'm not super excited about more roundabouts in town, especially if they are the silly small ones like the one currently on the
Doyalson/Yambo intersection (I avoid that road specifically to avoid that roundabout). I don't like the idea of the trees on the side of the road. I am concerned that this will cause future damage to roadways and footpaths. Looking at the ones recently put on Stockton Street, near the townhouses, I don't like the small space between each tree, it is only big enough for a very small car. I am excited about the new library, multi-storey carpark and community facilities. I think this will be a great asset to the growing area.

25 August 2014
Looks great & in keeping with modern and revitalized town centres

26 August 2014
While it is an attractive building, it is on a very steep site. This site is surrounded on three sides by the busiest and noisiest roads as well as the most difficult footpaths in Morisset.. This makes it very hard for elderly people (35% of the Morisset community) to access it from the shops, bus stops or railway station. Council needs to find a better site Also it means demolishing the Morisset Memorial Hall which is still very much used and NOT appreciated.

26 August 2014
Concept design looks ok - the Town Centre area plan PDF does not state the number of car parking spaces in the basement. Need to ensure that adequate parking is provided. The shape of
the building does not appear to utilize the land as well as it should.

27 August 2014
too much white, no outside seating. weird survey with one question!!!

29 August 2014
Keeping in mind that this is only the concept stage; and if the memorial hall is obtained, the South Lake Macquarie RSL Sub Branch proposes that strong consideration and thought be giving to the following; noting that the memorial hall was built as a memorial to the brave men from the Morisset area that served and paid the supreme sacrifice in WW1 and again in WW2 with the dual purpose of also being a literary institute, we believe that this this new concept must have a strong
underpinning notion of commemorating those that have paid the supreme sacrifice in the service of this nation with a suitable memorial in the town square area including a suitable memorial to the emergency services that support this community. Also the facilities should house a museum (of some description) encompassing military memorabilia for the benefit of students studying
Australian military history as part of the schooling curriculum. if the project does go ahead the south lake macquarie sub branch will provide a detailed concept proposal which will meet the requirements and aims of the new facilities.

1 September 2014

I think the building looks fabulous, giving Morisset a "Face Lift".I would like to see the
memorial transferred to this new centre from the old centre.

 5 September

I am concerned, disappointed and confused and make these  comments in my capacity as a private citizen.

I am very concerned about a bland and sterile concrete and glass monolith that is not in keeping with the character of the area. There is barely a tree in site.

I think a better idea would have been to open up community consultation much earlier to help influence the design characteristics. The Station Masters Cottage across the road I think helps establish a more appropriate look and feel for the area. Also, this is an area with many well
known artists. Where is the art, the sculptures? There is a wonderful mosaic on the clock tower at Morisset rail station which establishes a precedent of use of colour. Where is the colour or any visual interest for that matter??

I am incredibly disappointed about the proposed cost of the building. I believe it is entirely possible to have something far more attractive for less cost and do not see this building as proposed a priority for the area. I am in fact aware of many more priorities for Council's scare
dollars. The frameless glass and facades as drawn are prohibitively expensive.
Who came up with this? Why not instead a tall structure in the shape of a gum leaf. That makes about as much sense.

It appears to me that this design incorporates land not owned by Council so am confused as to how money can be spent on developing an idea for consultation if this is the case. Please correct me if I am wrong.

9 September

While I understand that progress is important, (and feel that Morisset & surrounding suburbs have experienced plenty of progress in the past 6 years), HISTORY is just as important. The memorial hall stands, not only as a reminder of those who have lost their lives for this community, but
also as an important part of Morisset's past. I may be considered 'young' (35), but I know how important it is for new generations to experience their communities history, and not just from books.

I have heard it said that the memorial hall is only important to the older generation, and I
strongly disagree! There are a large number of the younger generations that attend classes in this hall, both in dance & drama, that have found it an important place to them for many years, AND WHERE WILL THEY GO IF IT GETS KNOCKED DOWN?

10 September

Planning for the future is commendable .The  Global Financial Crisis is not over and
hopefully will nor get worse, before it slowly improves in, as some  think,10 years time. The Morisset Memorial Hall provides a needed service at a reasonable price, is fully booked, is kept
in good repair ( at no cost to the ratepayer) is run in a businesslike manner with their bank balance in credit.

Can Lake Macquarie City Council match their achievements? NO. When they can , it will be time to carry out their proposals of a "Town entre."

Please remember ratepayers, everything comes at a cost.. NO, to demolishing the Morisset Memorial Hall until after 2025. Things may have changed then as this is not a good site.

11 September

The key factor regarding the fate of the Morisset Memorial Hall and in what form the heritage is retained is what would those who have sacrificed over the years in defence forces want to happen.

12 September

This is such an exciting and positive change for Morisset. They really have been behind in a lot of ways and the teenagers have been left to crawl from one cafe to the other with nothing exciting to do. This will bring the facelift it so badly needs and bring some design and art to the area.
Another thing is the fact that there are a lot of uni/college/students in the area and the current library does not suffice the amount of students who need space and facilities to study properly.

Can't wait to see it all come together. Another thing I would love to see is a fantastic big park for kids and families to enjoy. There really isn't any good parks in the area.















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