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Morisset Memorial Hall - The Towns Meeting Place

by Marion B,

My family has a long connection with MMH. My great grandfather was H.B. Mullard a founding Trustee. My grandparents Herb and Marion Mullard were also involved with the rebuilding after the fire in 1953 as was my father Hope Mullard and many other relatives. My father and mother Beryl ran the picture show for many years. In the last two years I have become interested in the fate of MMH and serve on the MMH Committee. I have been involved in the MMH Heritage Assessment process.

When I went to primary school in the 1960s the Hall was used all the time by the schools. Any occasion that needed a lot of space, the Hall was the venue. Plays, dancing and assemblies. In high school in the 1970s we had dancing for PE, discos, dances and live bands. As an adult I have attended Art Shows and special events.

The 100th Birthday of the Town of Morisset anniversary dinner was held at the Hall and was a great bringing together of the people of the township and a fun night

Historically, Morisset Memorial Hall has always been a place where the townspeople have come together in good and bad times. I have always been aware that the Hall was built to recognize the sacrifice of local young men, the townspeople’s husbands, sons and brothers. This has always given the Memorial Hall an extra layer of significance for me. With regards to future development I believe that old can exist alongside new, “Make new friends but keep the old ones. One is silver but the other is gold”

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