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U3A Member & Southlakes Mens Shed Secretary

by Warren D,

I have joined one of the several groups using the Morisset Memorial Hall for activities ,under the banner of U3A , Utilising such a part of our local history by community groups is what the Hall is all about ,why it was built and why its character and central location should remain . Such valuable links with the past should be maintained at all costs ,as very few remain .

Also , As a founding member of the Southlakes Mens Shed ,our group also support the Hall in its present historic guise ,to that end we have worked with the Hall committee doing repairs and beneficial additions to make life easier for the more elderly users of the Halls facilities . Further our guys proudly built and donated the large Community Notice board in the front entrance foyer of the Hall .

One this occasion , Restoration and internal improvements would be a far better community minded option than demolition for an modern antiseptic alternative .A more pro-active outlook By Council to assist with this would be greatly appreciated by many .

Warren Delaney

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