Morisset Showground

    Morisset Showground has been a much-loved community facility since 1936. The showground provides for a diverse range of activities including the annual Morisset show, equestrian events, dog shows, monthly markets and short-term camping and caravan stays.

    Council’s role

    Having taken responsibility for managing the Crown Reserve in 2019, Council is now embarking on plans to guide the showground into the future.

    This is an opportunity to further build on the site’s strengths including its history, location close to public transport and M1 and unique role as the only showground in the Lake Macquarie LGA.

    What is a Master Plan

    A Master Plan is a long-term high-level plan intended to provide guidance for Council and the community on how to manage development and change over time.

    What is a Plan of Management

    The Local Government Act (1993) requires Councils to prepare Plans of Management (POM) for all land classified as community land. All public land is required to be classified as either 'community land' or 'operational land'. The Local Government Act allows for one or more areas of community land to be covered by a single POM. Some parcels such as Rathmines are covered by a specific POM due to its significance.