What is the My Community Project all about?

    My Community Project is a new initiative by the NSW Government to improve the wellbeing of people and communities in NSW.

    By having the ability to propose and vote on local projects, the people of NSW are given the opportunity to determine how to strengthen and improve their communities. My Community Project has been established using the Community Services and Facilities Fund within the NSW Generations Fund.

    The My Community Project funding will be distributed equally across all 93 NSW electorates. Applicants can seek between $20,000 and $200,000 (including GST, where applicable) for their project.

    What sort of projects are eligible for funding?

    The projects Council choose to sponsor must meet the requirements outlined in the My Community Project 2019 Program Guidelines.

    Projects must:

    • align with at least one of the six program categories
    • seek between $20,000 and $200,000 (including GST, if your organisation is registered to pay GST)
    • be open, accessible and available to the wider community
    • be completed within 12 months of the date of signing the funding agreement
    • have any other required funding sources confirmed, if additional funding is required to complete the project
    • be within the same NSW state electorate as the applicant’s residential address
    • be a legal activity
    • be considered a viable project.

    What projects are not eligible?

    My Community Project funding will not be granted for projects:

    • submitted without the support of an eligible sponsor (i.e. Council)
    • outside of NSW
    • located on private land, unless there is a clear public benefit
    • that are existing, already commenced or funded
    • that duplicate existing NSW Government services or responsibilities
    • with existing or future funding
    • that are not aligned with NSW Government policies and guidelines
    • that represent a significant risk to the community.

    What projects are considered viable?

    A project proposal will be considered viable if it:

    • has a realistic budget based on substantiated quotes or assumptions
    • is cost effective and represents value for money
    • demonstrates how it will be operated and/or maintained upon completion (where applicable)
    • can be delivered within the 12-month program deadline
    • has demonstrated access to the necessary expertise and support to deliver the project
    • does not require ongoing funding from the NSW Government.

    What are the program categories?

    The project must benefit the community through supporting one of the six categories of My Community Project. While the project may support more than one, you and the applicant will need to decide which category is the best fit for your project.

    The categories are:

    • Accessible communities: Make everyday life more inclusive to all community members.
    • Cultural communities: Add to the cultural and artistic life of the community.
    • Healthy communities: Support physical and mental wellbeing.
    • Liveable communities: Improve local amenity and environment.
    • Revitalising communities: Foster stronger community bonds, and encourage social engagement and participation in public programs.
    • Safe communities: Promote a safe and secure community where people can participate and enjoy the benefits of community life.

    How will the successful projects be decided?

    Once Council shortlists the projects it will sponsor and the applications are uploaded to the My Community Project portal, successful projects will be decided through a public vote.

    The project with the highest point count in each electorate will be funded. If enough funding is available, the project with the next-highest point total will also be funded. This will continue until there is not enough to fully fund the next project. If there is a tie in total points for two or more projects, the project with the lowest cost will be funded first. If tied projects seek exactly the same amount of funding, the Premier will decide which of these two projects is funded first.