What is a planning proposal?

    A Planning Proposal is the term used in Sections 3.31 to 3.36 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (EP&A Act) for a document that explains and justifies a proposed Local Environmental Plan amendment. 

    Lake Macquarie Local Environmental Plan (LMLEP) 2014 provides the framework for land use planning in Lake Macquarie. It identifies land use zones and other planning provisions, such as building heights and minimum lot sizes.

    What land does the planning proposal relate to?

    An area of 3.14 ha at 18 Gosford Road, Wyee (Lot 217 DP 755242).

    What is the objective of the planning proposal?

    The objective of this proposal is to rezone Lot 217 DP 755242 (No 18 Gosford Road Wyee) from Zone RU2 Rural Landscape to Zone R2 Low Density Residential pursuant to LMLEP 2014, by appropriate mapping amendments to Lake Macquarie City Council Local Environmental Plan 2014 (LM LEP 2014) (see zoning Maps 3 & 5). 

    The intended outcome of the proposal is to enable future low to medium density residential subdivision consistent with Council’s Housing Strategy and the Greater Newcastle Metropolitan Plan 2036.

    How does this planning proposal relate to other planning matters in Wyee such as the proposed development at Wyee Point and the Wyee Point Planning Agreement?

    This proposal is exclusive of those projects. This Planning Proposal will increase urban growth close to Wyee town centre which will likely have a positive impact on the local economy. 

    How can I provide a submission?

    How to make a submission

    • Comment or upload a written submission by clicking on the provide feedback box on the project page.
    • Email: [email protected] with the subject heading Att. Kent Plasto, Planning Proposal, 18 Gosford Road, Wyee
    • In writing: Box 1906, Hunter Region Mail Centre, NSW 2310