Reay Park is a local recreation facility, at 15A Ocean St Dudley. The upper section of the Reserve currently offers a disused tennis court and associated storage buildings, fenced playground, large picnic shelter, toilet and park furniture. The lower tier of the park provides a well-used junior cricket facility.

    The site previously contained an older style community hall which was removed and replaced with a large open shelter.

    Project Purpose

    The tennis facility has fallen into disrepair and has not been actively used for tennis for several years, although it has continued to be used informally by the community.  In early 2020 Council was notified of a potential risk from the AstroTurf lifting.

    Council has determined that the appropriate way forward is the development of a new recreational facility, possibly a multi-use recreational court. 

    Independent of this project, Council is currently completing the design of a new modular toilet at the Reserve.

    Community Engagement

    We are seeking to engage with the local community in relation to the new facility. 

    While the focus of the engagement will surround the usage and preferred design of the tennis court, additional comments on the broader use of the park will help to inform outcomes for the upper tier of the Reserve and guide location of future asset replacements.

    Future works will be completed through the assert renewal program.