Will Awaba House be rebuilt as it was?

    We are exploring ideas and options for the future of Awaba House to determine the best use for this well-loved venue and the best way forward. Through this process we will be engaging with the community to get their feedback and ideas for the site.

    How is the community being consulted during this process?

    Ensuring our community and key stakeholders are consulted in the decision-making process is our top priority.

    We are seeking feedback from the community through a variety of methods including our Shape Lake Mac website, social media, direct engagement through emails and face-to-face meetings with key stakeholders, as well as through the Awaba House Revitalisation Community Reference Group.

    What is a Community Reference Group (CRG)?

    From time to time Council will establish and engage with community reference groups. These groups are generally project based and recruited via an expression of interest.

    The values and input provided by these representatives will help inform decisions on matters impacting the community. The expression of interest period for the Awaba House Revitalisation CRG ran from November 2019 to December 2019.

    What is the Sustainability Policy?

    The Sustainability Policy, adopted by Council in August 2019, describes four pillars of sustainability to ensure that decision-making considers the needs of current and future generations of Lake Macquarie City.

    What are the four pillars of the Sustainability Policy?

    The four pillars of the Sustainability Policy are Economic Sustainability, Environmental Sustainability, Social Sustainability and Sustainable Governance.

    • Economic sustainability – build prosperity, cost-effective delivery of works and services, appropriate maintenance and renewal of Council’s asset base.
    • Environmental sustainability – use resources wisely, enhance the quality of our natural landscapes, seek to achieve positive outcomes for our local environment, make an equitable contribution to improving environments.
    • Social sustainability – an inclusive, resilient and connected community that embraces innovation and creativity, and values our heritage, inclusive community engagement.
    • Sustainable governance – demonstrate transparency, fairness, ethical practices and accountability, encourage and promote effective public, public-private and civil society partnerships.

    When is the design expected to be completed?

    A report will go to Council for their consideration in June 2020 detailing the feedback from the community, as well as the recommendations from the Community Reference Group.

    If the recommendations are endorsed by Council, we will develop detailed designs based on the preferred use and options identified.

    There will be further opportunities for the community to provide feedback on the proposed designs, once they have been developed.

    When is construction expected to start?

    Until a concept design is developed and endorsed, the construction timeframes cannot be determined. There are a significant number of variables dependent on the concept, which will influence the design and approval timeframes.

    How did the fire start at Awaba House?

    Fire and Rescue NSW attended Awaba House on Tuesday 20 August. Following thorough investigations, Fire and Rescue NSW believe the fire may have started in the roof cavity of the building; however, advised the cause of the fire was ‘undetermined’ due to the scale of damage to the roof of the building. There were no suspicious circumstances.