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What do you like most about living in Lake Macquarie?

over 8 years ago

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  • Number1baby over 8 years ago
    proximity to all of the conveniences & lifestyle options & entertainments one expects of a 1st world country without lunacy of traffic jams.
  • Bloods over 8 years ago
    Low density housing, room to move about, lack of high rise buildings and a lake that keeps getting healthier by the year
    • Mr_A over 8 years ago
      In agreeing to this comment, I feel we are slowly being burdened with ever increasing high density housing and that's a real shame. We need to maintain the urban lifestyle with just a hint of city life and make sure we do not become a dumping ground for public high-riser housing.
    • westlakewrens over 8 years ago
      Unfortunately, as the City's population grows, so will the demand for housing. Hopefully there will only be a very small amount of high rise, as this will affect the city in a number of ways, physically and socially and the city will see an increase in medium density housing instead. It is is also important to maintain the integrity of what remaining bushland we have left in the city.
      • Reeg about 8 years ago
        The recent three-storey high public housing development at Fassifern is a perfect example of how things should be done. It is near the railway station and on a bus route - just a few minutes from the shops. Sadly not everyone can afford to buy their own homes or rent privately. The development does not look ugly - in fact it is a very good looking building - and it has not impacted in any negative way on the neighbourhood or the bushland etc.
  • westlakewrens over 8 years ago
    Close to the bushland, and effort that Council is making for a sustainable and green future
  • didda over 8 years ago
    location. close enough to beaches and the lake, town, sporting facilities and shopping centres.
  • Shaz over 8 years ago
    Location, a beautiful Lake with great walking trails along the foreshore, many seperate town centres with unique characteristics, variety in housing (both detached and apartments), no traffic problems, trees on ridgelines and seperating suburbs, and the all variety playground.
  • rowly about 8 years ago
    The sand around the water front of the lake. Plenty of surrounding bushland without masses of housing estates crammed in on top of each other and filling the lake with silt. The parks around the lake that are available for everyone to enjoy for skiing or sailing or picnics. Plenty of jobs close by giving a great work/life balance.
  • Dennis Burt about 8 years ago
    It still has a "country" feel about it, the wonderful lake, the location, 2 hours by train to Sydney, the old fig trees in the Toronto main street that give it such character, the many play parks for our grand kids, a great place to retire.
    • sandylou43 about 8 years ago
      I am happy that it is OK in Fassifern as it definatly is not that way living on the Main Road Fennell Bay. I have to fight against the heavy traffic on Main Road to be able to walk my dogs along the Lake Front . I have to watch my step as I walk under the Fennell Bay Bridge as I have fallen several times due to the errosion that has occured over the past six years When we had that very bad storm also the ones we had recently had caused a great deal of Errosion. along the foreshore and under the Bridge. I was promised that a walkway would be completed early this years . Nothing has happened . We need a marked pedestrian crossing on the Main Road for the safety of aged people .We have had nothing done . The more I ask for things that are going to make it safe for the aged people in Fennell Bay the less I am listened to . this includes emails to the Top Brass ???? Fennell Bay is not on the Lake Macquarie Agenda it is of none or very little importance.
  • Reeg about 8 years ago
    Friendly people in the Toronto-Fassifern area where I live. Low crime rates and apart from peak hours, no horrendous traffic. Public transport is good - both buses and trains. I can walk to Fassifern station in 15 minutes and be in Sydney in two hours or Newcastle in around 30 minutes or less. Shops are good, lake access excellent and plenty of parks and playgrounds. The Toronto-Fassifern pathway sadly is an overgrown disgrace in sections with heaps of rubbish and weeds and dreadful - and dangerous - surfaces. But if this was cleaned up and properly maintained it would be wonderful.
    • sandylou43 about 8 years ago
      I absolutely love Lake Macquarie I was born at Swansea and from my front yard I looked straight at the Swansea Channell I swam at Grannies Hole. I love my Lake it is the most beautiful thing I can see when I open my eyes of a morning I just wished people would take their rubbish home with them instead of dropping it where they walk and fish near the Bridge. The amount of rubbish that goes into our lake is disgusting
  • swampologist about 8 years ago
  • EmmaLeigh about 8 years ago
    The beautiful surrounding natural environment. I have lived in Lake Macquarie my whole life, and really appreciate the beauty of it. When I was younger the lake was polluted and now you can swim and enjoy it - its so much cleaner. This is all thanks to Lake Macquarie Council and the residents of Lake Macquarie doing the right thing. I think that our Council and our citizens are amoungst the top LGAs at looking after their beautiful environment. Good on you Lake Macquarie!
    • sandylou43 about 8 years ago
      I clean rubbish from the Banks at Fennell Bay constantly , rubbish goes into the drains on the Corner of Main Road and Otty's Lane I am forever picking rubbish up as people walking up Otty's Lane just drop it where they are walking the same on the waterfront so I dont know how the Lake is classed as not polluted. Also I would like to know where to swim ???
  • matt about 8 years ago
    Like lots of others it is the location that I love about Lake Macquarie. Being in Highfields I am right on the edge of Newcastle and use their services (library, arts etc) more than I do Lake Macquarie's. With reference to Lake Maq specifically I am really in love with the Fernleigh Track bike path and cannot wait to see it connected to other cycle ways. Also the new centre at Charlestown is fantastic - not because of all the shops but simply because of the small outdoor entertainment area that has opened with it. This gives Charlestown a place worth visiting for the first time and gives a local alternative to Honeysuckle or Derby Street for a meal or a drink. Our parks are pretty good in Lake Maq too - sometimes we drive to Speers Point or to the lake side at Warner's Bay which is a great spot for a walk or cycle and a picnic.
    • Hannah B. about 8 years ago
      I agree, I really love the Fernleigh Track and think that connecting it to other cycleways by offroad paths or dedicated on road lanes (proper, safe lanes, not just a bicyle symbol) should be a priority for Council and other levels of government. I also love the Lake and outdoor areas, as suggested by others. The lifestyle in Lake Mac is fantastic.
    • Davies about 8 years ago
      Charlestown is an overdeveloped shopping area with difficult access and a parking problem
      • matt about 8 years ago
        Davies, Charlestown is home to lots of people and deserves to not be dismissed in that way. Lets have some positive ideas for the future. It has many really positive aspects already - the shopping and entertainment in and around the new centre but needs the issue of accessibility addressed and a revamp of its street scape. With a big new mall 'old Charlestown' looks in disrepair by comparison. I recall a master planning process some years ago - not sure what happened to that?
      • Gyarran about 8 years ago
        I'm recently happy with the redevelopment of Charlestown. Some good services have been added - such as The Place - and the outdoor area adjacent to the new restaurants has a good community feel about it - the kids seem to really enjoy it. Must admit that the Pacific Hwy is a bit of a disaster - I'd hate to have a business along there. While some of the retail offerings are welcome (e.g. a fruit and vegetable outlet again), I'm a bit disappointed that most of the shops are the same ones that you find everywhere else. But maybe that's just a reflection of my age - late 50's (yeek!)
  • bigbadbarry about 8 years ago
    the beautiful lake, relaxed lifestyle, proximity to Sydney and the Hunter region - we got it all here!
  • fourth st about 8 years ago
    The feeling of open space that the feel of the city has. Being able to look out to the Wattagans across the lake. Having access to a full range of service both within and close to the city
  • evanbmw about 8 years ago
    Lake Macquarie is a pretty special place. Its got beaches, the lake, bush, mountains etc and easy access to services and amenities without the hustle and bustle of a big city. The place is also chock a block with good people who help each other out. Keep it the way it is
  • tonyellitt about 8 years ago
    I enjoy the relaxed pace of life and the beautiful surrounds, I find the quality of my life is enhanced by living in Lake Mac
  • karma about 8 years ago
    The Lake is the heart of our community, it is important that we continue the good work of maintaining it's quality. I believe we are a friendly and relaxed community , the Lake seems to add a sense of belonging. Walk along it's shores and mostly everyone you pass will greet you with a smile or a nod.
  • sophie about 8 years ago
    closeness to all medical, hospital services especially as I am "getting up there" in age. Feel safer here than in Sydney, lack of traffic chaos is great, good caring neighbourhood we "look out" for each other. Close to churches. Would like to see a heated pool developed at Speers Point with good long opening hours.
  • Gyarran about 8 years ago
    I think the lake is the best thing going for Lake Macquarie. LMCC do a good job of making it a pleasant place to visit - good walking / cycle tracks, etc. Public transport is difficult - try getting from Valentine to Toronto by public transport or to a train station (apart from Newcastle) from most villages - but I don't think this is LMCC's responsibility. But if you've got a car it's easy and hassle free to get around, find a park, etc.
    • Caz about 8 years ago
      We live in Warners Bay and regularly use the train service from Fassifern to Sydney (for family reasons). If we weren't able to drive it would be impossible to access Fassifern or even Cardiff railway stations, particularly for trains in the early morning timeslots. A regular 'hail and ride' service would be of benefit.
  • Marmong Point Mum about 8 years ago
    Clean air. Clean water. Good access to all facilities. No traffic congestion. Affordable housing. Good schools.
  • Cardiffres about 8 years ago
    I grew up in Newcastle but I love living in Lake Macquarie because its got something that the city doesn't have - lots and lots of bushland and greenspace. I love driving to work with a scenic outlook, bushland, the lake - not that overwhelming feeling of being taken over by concrete and tall buildings. I love the lake and the efforts the Council is making to protect the environment for future generations. I also think Council should be applauded for the way it engages with residents, supports people who are active in their community. The friendly community laid back lifestyle is what I love most and would hate to lose it to overzealous developers.
  • Larry about 8 years ago
    I love looking back at Munibung hill as a backdrop. Being able to access Green Pnt bush. Having a lot of green and bush around us. This, as well as the Lake, and no high rise buildings makes a great environment to live in. Having recreational spaces for different activities, multiple walking/bike tracks and the new playground at Speers Point is wonderful! Beaches on one side and The Watagan Mnts on the other for a great day trip and relaxation. Variety of good cafes, restaurants and shopping centres.
  • J Pauling about 8 years ago
    Lake Macquarie has excellent mix and balance between nature & commercial.We have strong retail options and fantastic natural environment. We have great access to walkways (which seem to have general support for expansion).Overall Lake Macquarie is a very enviable place to live.In the future I would like to see:i) Our tracks and walkways extended;ii) Our children's play areas upgraded to best standard;iii) Our Town Centres upgraded and supported;iv) Continued support to economic development & tourism;v) A suburb named "Lake Macquarie" become a reality;
  • Steve almost 8 years ago
    Great place to live but how awful would it be if we let the council give the go-ahead for a 6-storey monstrous shopping centre in the very successful Warners Bay village!