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What does Council do best to contribute to your lifestyle in Lake Macquarie?

over 8 years ago

Consultation has concluded

  • Number1baby over 8 years ago
    Family Day Care, well-maintaind foreshore areas & child play facilities. Free car parking in shopping districts. Public libraries.
  • lamson over 8 years ago
    Provides library facilities, swimming pools, free parking although it is doing its best to reduce that around Morisset, road maintenance, garbage and rubbish collection that we all take for granted, public jetties and launching ramps which are essential to take full advantage of the boating lifestyle so many enjoy.
  • Big Bill over 8 years ago
    I appreciate traditional services such as waste collection, roads maintenance, libraries and such, and with a young family I increasingly acknowledge the importance of sporting and recreation facilities which allow my kids to enjoy a range of sports and our family to enjoy open recreation spaces. Not withstanding these traditional services, Council's role in economic and infrastructure development is important, however I think Council's role in urban and transport planning and in environmental sustainability will be critical to future lifestyles.
  • didda over 8 years ago
  • lornabee over 8 years ago
    I think the Council does a good job supplying the area with very good library facilities. I would be very disappointed if they were to alter any of these libraries. In particular trying to turn the Wangi Wangi service into a volunteer service. People don't have the time these days to volunteer and when it fails as it will it will be then claimed that it is our fault. A Librarian's job is also a specialized job which entails a lot of training. Wangi Wangi is a small community with very little public transport and a large population of elderly people and no other meeting place.
    • Paulina about 8 years ago
      Libraries are so important, not only to older people but students and small children too. Please do not reduce these services to the community. I visit Toronto library frequently, not just for books, but also to attend U3A classes and meetings. It is a highly utilised library and always full of people.
      • Caz about 8 years ago
        We are regular users of Speers Point library and would be disappointed/angry if it was moved to a shopfront location - what would happen to the information services section and the 'stack' of older books? A move to Warners Bay would upset the Speers Point/Boolaroo residents and in my opinion Glendale is too far away for easy access, especially by bus. If the option is Charlestown there will be many residents who won't be bothered as parking is difficult and moving the library to a shopfront in the shopping centre will only create more parking problems. Leave Speers Point library where it is! Belmont Library is perfectly situated for easy access with parking underneath and street parking.
    • Gyarran about 8 years ago
      I have only recently joined the library - libraries for me had been a bit of a forgotten service until I went to regional SA and joined the library there so I could pick up my emails. It made me realize that a lot of residents are probably in the same boat. The current review of libraries in Lake Macquarie if nothing else may just help to raise awareness of the fantastic underutilized facilities we have in most of our villages. At last night's Community Forum at the Belmont 16 footers, Mayor Piper reinforced that the review of libaries is not about making money but is a much needed exercise to establish what needs to be done to keep them relevant (usage is low at 265 of residents). As the old saying goes - "if you don't use it you lose it".
  • Reeg about 8 years ago
    Our libraries are essential. If they do not "pay" then think of other uses which can be incorporated into them - ie branch offices where you can lodge applications, pay your rates etc, make appointments to see council staff. This would take the load off the head office space at Speers Point. Maybe you won't even have to build a whole new head office thus saving millions. Use the libraries as "branch offices" - just like banks, building societies, insurance companies etc etc. Also have a coffee shop in the larger ones - like Toronto. I use my library a lot for borrowing books, CDs etc, attending U3A classes and using the Internet. Libraries must change with the times but closing them down is a stupid reaction from the council in a bid to save money. Libraries contribute a lot to my lifestyle and closing them down would devastate a lot of people.
  • matt about 8 years ago
    I am pretty happy overall. I'd like to see improvements to the centre in Charlestown (as outlined in the comment in the other topic) and would like to see Council continue to enhance cycle networks across the city.I'm not too bothered about seeing rates rise a bit (within reason) to get better lifestyle benefits. I see it as investment. The nicer it is to live here the more my house is worth. However, I accept that others may live on tighter budgets so accountability and efficiency is really important. I hope Council will maintain a focus on services and facilities and not get caught up in the sort of political grandstanding we have seen in other areas. I regard moves to create a suburb called 'Lake Macquarie' as silly. Lake Macquarie is already an iconic landmark. It does not have to be a city like Newcastle
  • bigbadbarry about 8 years ago
    I moved from the Central Coast to Lake Macquarie a number of years ago now and imo the cycleways and parklands, foreshore areas and health of the lake. I am a keen fisher person and whilst I dont use libaries but know many others who do, likewise with pools and playgrounds I think we would be poorer without them and would impact on the citys fabric and 'feel' - I guess along with many of the other services the Council provides as well - I had no idea just how many services the Council provided until reading the fact sheet on this webpage....WOW - the Council does a good job now I understand this context better.....
  • happyface about 8 years ago
    The library service is an essential part of our lives, we go to storytime, borrow books, attend school holiday activities and meet friends there, we would be devestated if they closed our local library at Belmont and moved it to a shop front where there would be none of the fantastic programs they currently run. Keep all Lake Macquarie libraries open!
  • fourth st about 8 years ago
    Good development control and preparing for the future. The current services provided by Council suit my current lifestyle and as I and my family age I can foresee a need to utilise other services in the future.
  • Glen Finch about 8 years ago
    The council has a range of excellent parks (esp around the lake itself) and sporting facilities. It also contributes to the high quality child care centres in the area which is vital for working parents. I also highly prize the libraries - esp Charlestown library as its the one i use. I hope the council continues to fund these three areas which i see as very important for the community.
  • evanbmw about 8 years ago
    I think Council does a great job with the funding they have. We have moved here from Queensland and the rates up there are more than double what we pay here. I think that local government has a strong obligation to contribute to the overall wellbeing of residents (recreation, social and environmental activities) and to advocate with other levels of government on the matters that are important to residents.
  • tonyellitt about 8 years ago
    Council's approach to ensuring that living in Lake Mac remains affordable is something I really appreciate
  • karma about 8 years ago
    Providing library services, footpaths for safe walking, swimming pools and sporting grounds for healthy exercise, improving the quality of our Lake which is the heart of our community, are important to me. All the services Council provide are important to some section of the community and it's not fair to say, I don't use it so I shouldn't have to pay for it. We all drive on the roads, walk on the footpaths and put our rubbish out each week. Everything Council does contributes to our lifestyle because we live here. If rates have to be increased to maintain services I believe most residents would agree.
  • Cardiffres about 8 years ago
    Parks, Children's play areas, Childcare and efforts to care for the lake and environment. The support of Landcare is fantastic and I think a service that is unrecognised and taken for granted by a lot of residents. I love the lifestyle here because of the rural/bushland feel, friendly communities and lack of chaos that seems to hinder surrounding Councils. I think that fact that Council is making a fair effort to ask the community what they value and want is fantastic and I hope to see more of this kind of partnership in the future.
  • johnjackson about 8 years ago
    "What does Council do best to contribute to your lifestyle in Lake Macquarie?" Council has shown best practise in non reaction to obvious risk management issues and a total neglect of duty of care. Cardiff Rail Stationmaster and others have notified Council re the total lack of all safety lighting in the Main Road Cardiff pedestrian underpass at Cardiff Rail, this makes it very hard for people to fully appreciate the noxious overgrown council weed gardens that are also covering the fences of the uncleaned footpath with the result that bus and rail commuters at Cardiff CBD Gateway can no longer have an illuminated view of the Graffiti Wall of the adjacent heritage former Post Office that is now being "restored" as part of the AMWU office site.Commuters use the obstructed southern unmade goat track on Main Road, or they could use the ghost lift to the overcrowded Railway Carpark, then Mary and Thomas Street for acess to Cardiff CBD, as long as they dont mind more dangerous, eroded ,sloping and unformed tracks that Council call pedestrian footpaths. Because of this inaction a private call was logged to Energy Fix 131535 re high priority lighting repairs c.10.30am 8/8/2011.Kind Regards .John A. Jackson309 Main Rd Cardiff4954 7356
  • everything-all-the-time about 8 years ago
    Lake Mac Council does indeed do a great job with the funds it has. Rates here are a lot lower than every other one of the eight municipalities I've lived in. So there's no one thing Council does best to enhance my lifestyle; it's the fact that it does so many dozens of things that I value, and only costs me a few hundred bucks a year. I'm not particularly well off, but I probably pay more for newspapers and chocolate each year than I do for the scores of local services and infrastructure I get for paying rates.If rates need to go up 5% or 10% to make sure our city continues to be a place where people want to live, work, and run businesses, I think that would be a good investment in our future quality of life.State governments have been playing a very short-sighted political game by forcing Council's like ours to keep rates unsustainably low. Looking at the worsening condition of roads, drains, and community buildings in my area, I can see how it will cost a whole lot more than 5% or 10% extra to bring things back to a decent standard if Council doesn't act soon.
  • alex ross about 8 years ago
    Council's most effective contributions to lifestyle, from my perspective, are those that have recognised and enhanced the central feature: Lake Macquarie. Foreshore and park developments have been a major success. It's a pity, in some cases, that they have been at the expense (as in the Speer's Point walk/cycleway) of foreshore access and ecology. Gone are the weedbanks, cockle and prawn populations from Shipbuilder's Point to the old baths. Cultural assets, though always difficult to justify on a cost-benefits basis, are essential. Hands off libraries and our art gallery: let's look at the possibility of a versatile theatre/musical performance space.Alex Ross
  • Realistic about 8 years ago
    provides better roads than in other councils within a bulls roar - swimming centres, libraries, rubbish collection - i believe lakemac council is proactive in reducing landfill, and thats important to me AND future generations. i reckon they are very pro active with sustainability programs, looking after the lake etc. the parks in our area are fantastic, boat ramps and now pontoons in some places, very forward thinking and 'for the ratepayer'. i'm happy living in this wonderful place - and it cant be easy with the vast lake in the middle - they have to provide services from wyee to toronto and warners bay - and the other way to swansea and charlestown and then out to west wallsend - cooranbong as well as edgeworth, glendale, cardiff etc. not a bad effort i reckon - i wouldnt mind paying less than a cup of coffee equivalent a week to improve services.
  • J Pauling about 8 years ago
    Lake Macquarie Council does a good job in a range of areas.I am appreciative of the effort council has made in relation to supporting economic development in the commercial centres via the town centre program.It is very encouraging to see the positive comments being made on this page (other page is not quite so positive!).This process is about balanced argument and consultation - well done again LMCC.
  • Steve almost 8 years ago
    Great cycling tracks/walkways but what about the westside of the lake?? Residents there have to walk/cycle on narrow, rough roads with very few sidewalks! Excelsior Pde Toronto, is a case in point. Come on, Council, allow these ratepayers the same healthy, safe options as the north and east sides of the lake!!