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over 3 years ago
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Lake Macquarie’s current population of 204,000 will continue to grow to an estimated 253,000 by 2050. We are part of the second largest urban area in NSW and the seventh largest in Australia. Our existing settlement pattern is dispersed around the Lake, which poses challenges for the efficient provision of infrastructure, services, facilities and transport.

Australia, with a 2016 population of 24 million, is one of the most urbanised nations on earth. We predominantly (89 per cent) live in cities, towns and urban regions in a band hugging the east, south-eastern and south-western coast.

How do we best respond to these changes and continue to enjoy a quality lifestyle?

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Consultation has concluded

pgang almost 4 years ago
The region needs to be properly linked together. We are currently disconnected from the Lower and Upper Hunter, Central Coast and Sydney. This has to change with improved transport networks. The Newcastle to Wollongong region is very similar to a country like Switzerland in size and population density. We need to learn from places like that in how to better connect. That way the distribution of population and growth could be spread so that the impact on specific areas is reduced.
DB1970 almost 4 years ago
Use the Lake to our advantage by integrating it into the public transport network by utilising a ferry service.
hben almost 4 years ago
Put more people in our existing urban areas and have less new development on the fringe. Provide a variety of housing.