Why is Council building a new skate park in Windale?

    The Windale skate park will be a replacement for the skate park next to the PCYC at Windale. This project will provide an open skate facility for the community that will cater for a range of skill level. The facility will provide a different skating experience to the recently completed ChIP bowl at Charlestown. The skate park will be located at Bahloo Reserve, Windale.

    Why is Council building a new skate park in Morisset?

    As part of the Bernie Goodwin Memorial Park Masterplan, funds have been set aside for the development of a skate park within the Morisset Precinct. After extensive consultation Bernie Goodwin Memorial Park has been identified as the site for the new skate park. The proposed skate park will adjoin a large new all – inclusive playground with and outdoor fitness area. It is proposed that the new skate park at the Park will complement the proposed street plaza facility at Bonnells Bay.

    Why is Council building a new skate park in Croudace Bay?

    Council has received Local Development Contribution funding to deliver upgrades to Thomas H Halton Park (also known as Croudace Bay Park) and prepared a Masterplan for the site in 2017. The Masterplan identified the upgrade of the existing skate park to a skate, scooter, and BMX park. Thomas H Halton Park will provide experiences for the wider community, and the new skate park will be in close proximity to an upgraded park, playground, shared pathways, and learner cyclist circuit.

    What is a bowl style skate park?

    Bowl style skate parks originated from emptied in-ground swimming pools.  They come in many shapes and sizes and as the name suggests, are in the shape of  a bowl.

    What is a street / plaza style skate park?

    A street / plaza style skate park involves the use of urban obstacles like stairs and their handrails, planter boxes, drainage ditches, park benches and other street furniture. Users perform tricks around, on, onto or over these obstacles.

    What is a transition skate park?

    A transition skate park, more commonly referred to as 'vert skateboarding', involves users moving from the horizontal (on the ground) to the vertical (on a ramp or other incline) to perform tricks.

    What is a pump track?

    A pump track is a type of off-road terrain for BMX consisting of a circuit of banked turns and features designed to be ridden completely by riders "pumping", creating momentum by up and down body movements.

    How can I have my say on this project?

    Council is seeking to find out what type of skate park the community would like to see in Morisset, Croudace Bay and Windale (Council wants to avoid building a repeat facility to the recently opened ChIP skate park at Charlestowen and as a result are aiming for a street style facility at Windale). The skate park options are:

    • Street style

    • Transition style

    • Plaza style

    • Bowl

    To find out more and have your say on the type of park you would like to see visit shapelakemac.com.au/skate-lake-mac

    Will there be further Community Consultation?

    Yes, we will take on all community feedback and use it to develop concept designs. Once these concepts are developed, we will undertake further community consultation to ensure we are aligned with the community desires and make adjustments to the design as required.

    Is funding available to build these new skate parks?

    Funding is available for each of these skate parks coming from:

    • Local Development Contributions for the Morisset and Croudace Bay skate parks

    • Council funded for the Windale skate park.

    When is Council proposing to start construction of the three skate parks?

    Construction is scheduled to begin late 2019.