Future proofing the City project – outputs, objectives and process

Project Output

To be a smart city, we have to build smart, integrating emerging technology into our built environment. Council wants to work with developers and our community to accelerate this process, and set new smart city benchmarks for Lake Macquarie.

The principal output of this collaborative work will be new DCP guidelines for emerging technology - guidelines which help us to build our future city.

Project Objectives

Key objectives of these new DCP guidelines for emerging technology include:

  • supporting leadership, collaboration and innovation by our city builders
  • increasing awareness of emerging technology, the benefits and local opportunities
  • modernising standards of planning and development
  • gearing our City to take advantage of the Internet of Things
  • making our City more liveable, sustainable, and productive

The Process

The new DCP guidelines will be developed in consultation with our community, developers and key stakeholders. Council expects that this process will include:

  • an open consultation phase, with participation by the community, developers, innovators, businesses, the smart city and technology sectors, Council officials (elected and staff) and all other interested parties
  • review of current planning processes, gaps, opportunities, and best practice
  • preparation of draft guidelines and implementation strategy based on consultation and review
  • public exhibition of draft guidelines, to be updated based on final comments
  • approval by Council and ongoing collaboration and implementation
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Consultation has concluded

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