Why does Lake Macquarie need a Sports Strategy?

    Council owns and manages an extensive network of sporting facilities catering for high level sports to grass roots community participation . This includes over 80 field-based facilities with 115 sportsgrounds, 20 tennis facilities, 18 netball facilities (including 3 competition venues and 112 courts), 3 Equestrian facilities and one BMX facility used by over 130 clubs . 

    The sports Strategy will follow on from the Sports Facility Strategy 2015-2019 but will review sports more broadly and consider the provision, maintenance, management and access to Council facilities. Along with identifying opportunities to promote sports participation and sports tourism within Lake Macquarie.  

    What Sports will be considered in the Sports Strategy?

    The Lake Macquarie City Council Sports Strategy 2020-2030 will include but not limited to; archery, basketball, netball, gymnastics, volleyball, futsal, badminton, equestrian, martial arts, roller derby, AFL, football (soccer), tennis, cricket, rugby , rugby league, touch football, athletics, hockey, lawn bowls, croquet, , softball, baseball and BMX racing.

    How can I be involved in the development of the Sports Strategy?

    Individuals who wish to provide comment on sport and sports facilities within Lake Macquarie are invited to complete the community survey on the Shape Lake Mac Website.

    Who will Council consult with during the development of the Sports Strategy?

    Council will have direct consultation with sporting associations, both state and local, sports clubs and Schools. These groups will be invited to  participate in consultation workshops and be requested to complete surveys specific to the organisation.

    Does the Strategy include both indoor and outdoor and public and private sports facilities?

    Yes, the Strategy will include indoor and outdoor and public and private sports facilities within the Local Government Area, and consider how Council can support the sports that utilise these and possible future facilities.

    Will the Strategy allow for facility development?

    The Strategy will include a capital works program that will seek to identify, quantify and prioritise the projects required over a 10 year period to develop facilities and deliver initiatives to meet community sporting need.