What would I need to do to change my address?

    Should residential properties be included in any future suburb boundary of 'Lake Macquarie', residents will be required to change their address to reflect the new suburb name within 12 months.

    Australia Post will recognise addresses for current and future addresses for about 12 months.

    Authorities such as Australia Post, Australian Electoral Commission, Telstra, Hunter Water, Ausgrid, Jemena and Sensis, will be notified of any suburb change.

    Residents would have to make their own arrangements to change mailing address details with the relevant individual agencies on personal items such as bank accounts.

    The postcode for the suburb named 'Lake Macquarie' would likely be 2284, the same as Boolaroo and Speers Point.

    Property deed and records do not need to be changed until a future transaction, such as property sale, takes place.

    What are the benefits of a suburb called Lake Macquarie?

    • reinforce our identity as a standalone locality
    • support tourism, business and key industries to differentiate their product
    • strengthen the sense of place for residents of Lake Macquarie City
    • increase access to and awareness of Lake Macquarie by pursuing opportunities for improved roadside signage
    • reduce confusion between Lake Macquarie and Port Macquarie
    • establish Lake Macquarie as a searchable destination online.

    What happens once Council receives community feedback?

    Following the outcomes of the community consultation, Council may consider endorsing a proposal to be submitted to the Geographical Names Board.

    Who makes the final decision?

    The Geographical Names Board determines the final outcome.

    How much will it cost?

    Council’s application to the Geographical Names Board would not incur a fee. If the Board was to approve a suburb, Council could consider the cost effectiveness of installing new signage or upgrading existing signage to take advantage of the opportunity to improve access to and awareness of the City.

    Has Council previously explored this proposal?

    For some time, Council has recognised that there is a need for a suburb named 'Lake Macquarie'. The last attempt, in 2011, endeavoured to rename part of Speers Point as 'Lake Macquarie', with earlier attempts focussing on several areas including Glendale, Cardiff and Boolaroo.