Does the makeover include expansion of the centre into the neighbouring property?

    Yes. The makeover includes expansion of the facility into the neighbouring property (No. 36 Josephson St). A new building will be constructed on site and linked to the existing centre. A decision about what this new space is used for will determine whether it is attached to the existing centre or exists as a stand alone facility. In either case, the new and existing buildings will be part of the expanded Swansea Combined Pensioner and Community Care Centre footprint.

    Will current services and programs conducted at the centre be interrupted during construction?

    You will be made aware in advance of any future changes to current services and programs. Please contact you service provider for more details if unsure.

    Is a development application required for the expansion?

    Yes, a development application will be lodged for the expansion of the Swansea Combined Pensioners and Community Care Centre. We anticipate the development application lodgment will occur in early 2022. 

    When will construction likely commence?

    We anticipate construction will begin in early 2023. 

    Where do we find out about outcomes from the consultation?

    A summary of engagement outcomes will be made available on the Shape Lake Mac website and emailed directly to stakeholders who have completed the online survey, if when completing the survey, participants have chosen to receive this.