The Lake Macquarie City Council (LMCC) Glendale Contributions Catchment Plan (contributions plan) adopted by Council in 2016, considers future anticipated development within the Glendale catchment to 2025 and identifies a range of community and recreation facilities required to meet the needs of the expanding population.  

    The contributions plan identifies funding for the following projects at Ulinga Park:

    • upgrade sports field lighting (northern field)
    • upgrade the netball car park
    • upgrade and relocate the playground on site

    In addition to these identified improvements, separate funding under Councils Asset Replacement Program is also available for the redevelopment of the sports amenities building and community hall. The redevelopment of the Ulinga Community Hall will provide multi–purpose community space for the local community, including those displaced by the closure of the John Young Community Hall at Cardiff in 2016.

    The redevelopment of the sports amenities building and upgrade of the car park was identified in the Lake Macquarie City Council Sports Facility Strategy 2015-2020 and Long–term Asset Management Replacement Plan and is part of Council’s ongoing program of providing high quality sports facility throughout the City.  

    Project purpose and scope

    The Master Plan provides an opportunity for an integrated approach to guide the replacement and upgrade of community, sporting and recreation facilities at Ulinga Park including:

    1. redevelopment of the sports amenities building and car park
    2. redevelopment of the community hall
    3. upgrade of the sports field lighting (northern fields)
    4. upgrade of the netball car park
    5. upgrade and relocation of the playground

    In addition to the works identified above, the Master Plan also provides an opportunity to review and identify further site improvements which:

    • optimise use and enjoyment by sports users, community hall users and the community 
    • address access to and circulation within the site 
    • enhance safety through location and design of buildings and facilities and their connection to one another
    • encourage walking and cycling to the site including linking to the broader shared path network
    • Integrate sustainable design and management

    Current facilities and use

    Sports Fields and facilities 

    The sports fields and amenities are managed by the Ulinga Park Playing Fields Operating Committee. 

    The facilities are home to South Cardiff Football Club and South Cardiff Junior Football Club.  Whilst there is no specific cricket club associated with the site, senior and junior cricket teams utilise the facilities for training and competition.

    Sports Courts

    The netball facilities have traditionally been used for social competition and training.  

    The netball courts, until recently, were managed by Ulinga Netball Club, Cardiff South.  The club has recently folded resulting in no formal use of the courts for training or competition. Discussion with Charlestown Netball Association indicates no interest from other netball clubs for the use of these courts at this time.

    Community facilities

    The community hall is managed by the Ulinga Community Hall Operating Committee.


    There is a public playground situated on the site.

    Consultation with stakeholders

    Initial meetings were held with key stakeholders during November 2019 to appreciate their experience of using the facilities and what might be
    improved, within the general scope of the Master Plan.

    A further opportunity was provided to the stakeholders to discuss and provide comments on the proposed draft Master Plan. This included an opportunity
    for the stakeholders to share the draft plan with the broader club members and provide consolidated feedback.


    Implementation of the Master Plan will require a staged approach, prioritising those works for which Council has existing funding.

    Those items in the Master Plan that are not funded will be subject to Council priorities across all its facilities and opportunities such as grant