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Teralba road. Mcintosh residence

by Annemarie Mcintosh , over 1 year ago

We have lived in teralba road west Wallsend for nearly 14 years and have watched every time it rains for a few days the creek over flow at both bridges at bridge street and carrying ton stree t off Wallsend road blocking off the roads we wave to the neighbours on the other side. We have no curb and guttering  and live on the low side of the street every time not just sometimes but every time it rains heavy our front lawn turns into a pool and most times the water flows Under our house and is probably the reason for our concrete peer corrosion the back yard fills and until recently when we put new drainage for the new shed the yard  would turn into a swap for days . We had to get rid of the chooks as they were cut off on long rainy weeks. We also get bogged in the yard front and back which is painful due to not being able to park on the street. I know we are not the only ones in teralba road with these problems as I see the neighbors out digging when it rains their front yards to get the water to flow away and have helped others get unstuck when their cars have gotten bogged on their front lawns.  I truly hope  that teralba road can be on the flood plan and sort out our street as it sux we pay council rates to be left to drown 

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Consultation has concluded

Admin Commented kmarples about 1 year ago
Hi Annemarie,Thank you for your contribution during our public exhibition. The study area of the Upper Cockle Creek Flood Study was defined by the predicted extent of a 1% Annual Exceedance Probability (AEP) event (previously known as a 1-in-100 year flood). Teralba Road, West Wallsend falls outside of this study area and therefore isn’t included in the final draft reports. Council assists localised drainage issues wherever possible, your concerns may be urban stormwater related. We advise you to contact Council on 4921 0333 or email for a service request to investigate your concerns further. Thank you again for being in contact with us.Kind regards, The Project Team
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