Revised concept plan and installation

    How has the concept plan been changed?

    Council staff have been working with a Business and Community Reference Group established for this project to refine the scope of the works to be delivered under this grant.

    Based on feedback from the reference group, Council staff have recently appointed a contractor and received approval from Transport for NSW (the grant provider) to deliver four parklets and associated footpath treatments in the Cardiff local centre, which will not require the closure of Veronica Street for the duration of the trial.

    The key changes for the concept design include:

    • Retain vehicle access via Veronica Street (street closure is no longer proposed).
    • Two permanent trees to be planted at the end of Veronica, near the Post Office.
    • Temporary planter boxes including four large and 14 small planter boxes.
    • Two temporary parklet structures to be installed next to the Post Office, involving the removal of three parking spaces (as opposed to the five parking spaces on Veronica Street in the original concept design).
    • Two temporary parklet structures installed on Kelton Street close to the Main Road end, in front of cafes, involving the removal of one parking space per parklet.
    • Feasibility of artwork to be installed on the side of the Post Office is being investigated.

    The new concept plan shows the location of the parklets and footpath treatments. The detailed designs are also available to view on our website. 

    What is a parklet?

    A parklet is small area providing seating or green space. It creates public amenity alongside a footpath, usually in the place of one or more parking spaces. 

    What is the timeframe for installation?

    There will be a staged process for installation. The full scope of the project including expected timeframes is as follows:

    November/December 2022

    • Permanent tree installation on Veronica Street in existing garden bed, next to Post Office – to be installed on 30 November 2022. 
      • This will require the temporary closure of Veronica Street on the morning of the 30 November. Residents and businesses on Veronica Street will be notified directly about this.
    • Kelton Street parklets to be installed the week beginning 12 December 2022.

    January – March 2023

    • Parklet structures and footpath treatment on Veronica Street – installed the week of the 23 January 2023. 
    • Public art incorporated into the parklet/footpath treatment in late January 2023.
    • Two community events involving the temporary closure of streets in Cardiff local centre during the trial period. Event dates to be confirmed but will be during the trial period - late January to end March 2023.

    How will the new spaces be maintained?

    Grant funding has been allocated for maintenance to be undertaken on regular basis throughout the duration of the pilot program.

    How is this pilot project being funded?

    In April 2022, Council was successful in securing a grant from NSW Government to create and trial a new public place for Cardiff town centre.

    The NSW Government’s Streets as Shared Spaces program provides funding for councils to test and pilot innovative ideas that temporarily adapt streets as safe, shared public spaces to support healthier, safe and resilient communities.

    Lake Macquarie City Council was awarded $496,470.00 to trial the Veronica Place pilot project in Cardiff.

    How will this trial benefit local businesses?

    Veronica Place is expected to be constructed and in use by the end of January 2023. The space will be trialled for approximately three months, until the end of March 2023.

    Parklets will be installed on Veronica St and Kelton St, in locations that are close to food and beverage outlets. 

    There is a growing body of work that suggests local businesses will benefit from removing on road car parks and reallocating street space so that people, not traffic and parking, have priority.

    This great video resource from Urbis shows an evaluation of the benefits of reallocating parking spaces into outdoor public space and how they are both good for business, the broader economy and the local community. They discuss the nuanced uses of kerbs to support businesses and communities as we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and navigate society's growing preference for online shopping and delivery services.

    State Government is also investing heavily in better public spaces. Councils across NSW are now receiving up to $500,000 in State Government grant funding to deliver trials that test changes that strengthen the amenity, accessibility and economic vitality of a high street and surrounding area.

    As part of the grant funded Veronica Place trial, Council will deliver small activation events. We will also be seeking feedback from business throughout the duration of the pilot to determine if the function and use of the space is making a positive difference to local centre businesses and visitors as a whole.

    How can I stay up to date about this project?

    Please register your interest for project updates via this Shape Lake Mac web page.

    The community will also be notified regarding key project milestones via letter box drops, signage at Cardiff shops and Council’s social media channels.

    What is the purpose of the Veronica Place Cardiff Reference Group?

    Council established a Reference Group in August 2022 to help inform the delivery of a temporary community park structure on Veronica Street, Cardiff.

    The Group will:

    • Assist in reviewing the current design to provide a quality public space for the community and support local business needs.
    • Enable Council to determine key issues associated with the project and recommendations to mitigate any impacts on businesses and the broader community. This may relate to concerns regarding loss of car parking, impacts of traffic flow, pedestrian safety and the flow on effects on the commercial viability of the centre during the trial provide suggestions for activation and programming at Veronica Place Cardiff.
    • Provide feedback where possible that might assist in final reporting materials at the completion of the trial.

    The Reference Group are required to attend approximately three meetings between August 2022 and March 2023. Please see the Terms of Reference and Code of Conduct on our website for more information about the membership.

    Who can I speak to for more information?

    Please email [email protected] or phone 4921 0333 and you will be directed to the relevant staff member.