Why is Council replacing the Footpath Strategy 2013 and Cycling Strategy 2012?

    Council is responding to new state and national guidance on planning for walking, cycling, streets and road safety.

    What is proposed in the draft Strategy?

    The draft Strategy introduces six focus areas (principal pedestrian networks, principal bicycle networks and iconic links, neighborhood shared paths and streets, active travel to schools and road safety, bus stops and multi-modal travel and other city-wide improvements and support), to guide planning and construction of new infrastructure over time, such as footpaths, cycling facilities, crossing facilities and road safety interventions.

    Will the new strategy mean I can still make a service request for a new footpath or cycling improvement?

    Yes. Customer feedback will be drawn upon to inform our planning processes, when reviewing our annual Operational Plan (which lists infrastructure projects). However, individual customer requests will not influence how we prioritise infrastructure projects, as this draft Strategy will guide how we prioritise walking and cycling infrastructure. 

    Will Council still construct shared paths?

    The draft Strategy recommends that wider or separated pedestrian and cyclist facilities are provided in areas of higher pedestrian activity for new projects, where space permits. The draft Strategy also recommends Council reviews and improves path signage and continues to promote path etiquette.

    How will the new strategy relate to locality plans?

    Under the draft Strategy, when a locality plan is prepared or revised, community feedback that relates to walking or cycling improvements will be registered to inform Council’s public works program. Should a new locality plan recommend changes to walking and cycling planning maps, these maps will be updated.

    Does the strategy cover mountain biking and pump tracks?

    No. These will be investigated as part of open space and recreation strategy that will be developed at a later date. Cycling routes have been identified to connect to key destinations such as Glenrock State Recreation Area.

    What projects is Council currently working on?